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My wife’s latest novel in her “Combined Operations” series (currently a trilogy, but it may expand as inspiration strikes her) has just been published.  It’s titled “A Perfect Day, With Explosions“.

The blurb reads:

Jenna Brooks is a welder, and a fashionista whenever she can afford it. AJ is a former Special Forces spacer, who finds himself completely outside his comfort zone with her. However, terrorist bombs can overcome almost any divide – the hard way.

When Jenna stumbles over a corpse wearing an important clue, she’s roped into a high-stakes counterterrorism operation to uncover a counterfeit fashion ring that’s funding the terrorists.

As the trail of blood money and knock-off shoes starts leading closer to home, Jenna’s going to need all the help she can get to stay alive. AJ’s just the man to do that – but he’s after a lot more than merely her safety. It may cost her everything she’s worked for… and also her heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the writing process on this book.  Miss D. gets better with every book she writes.  (Yes, I’m her husband, so you can expect me to be biased, but that opinion is shared by many of her readers).

What’s also been fun to see is the reaction of the former military members of the North Texas Troublemakers.  That’s the new name for our constantly expanding group, formerly the North Texas Writers, Shooters and Pilots Association.  We found we had members who weren’t any of the three, so we needed a title that could accommodate them.  One of the new members suggested “Troublemakers” – I can’t imagine why;  we’re as pure as the driven slush! – and it stuck.  We may have a Web site soon.

This latest book was discussed, pored over and proof-read by, among others, a former Naval flight officer;  a former US Army Airborne LRRP (a.k.a. LURP) and retired deputy sheriff;  a former serviceman from a foreign country;  and several other flavors of “interesting” armed experience.  The general consensus is that Miss D. has mastered the art of writing romance that interests women, whilst making it realistic and practical enough that it also interests men, particularly when things start blowing up.  It’s a unique combination in our experience, producing a genre that we’ve christened “tactically correct romance”.  Who knows?  Maybe she’ll start a trend!

Anyway, having read the book several times, I highly recommend it.  Enjoy!



  1. It IS good, and the deer in the headlights looks from Dot are coming less often as she learns NOT to ask questions when we're all together…LOL

  2. Purchase. Read read read. Done. Awesome! But a couple of copy edits remain to be done. (Including, I hope, a fix for a very frustrating sentence fragment at the end.)

  3. got Dorothy's latest today. Now to insert it into the lineup. I have several ahead of this one but may jump the line! Thanks, Dorothy!

  4. Thank you. Having enjoyed all of your wife's previous books I bought it immediately I read your post.
    I would have bought it sooner (honestly) but despite following her on Amazon I received no notification that it had appeared.
    I do wonder whether Amazon is practicing "shadow banning".

  5. Is Jenna inspired by the Arc Welding Angel?

    She was featured by Mike Rowe as an example of someone who looked at college costs, went "f that!," and went to trade school instead. Now according to the article he did on her she's got more job offers than she can shake a stick at and is making a very comfortable living. She's quite easy on the eyes too.

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