It’s a dripping world out there

Tuesday’s “blue norther“, as they call such weather events in northern Texas, left a thick layer of frozen sleet on the ground, and all over local roads.  Driving was very tricky for a while, and most of us stayed firmly at home.

Today, things are warming up (well, to freezing point at least, and hopefully a few degrees above that by this afternoon).  Melting ice is dripping from the eaves of the roof, and the road outside is slush rather than ice.  Hopefully driving will be back to normal by tomorrow.  I have to go out later, but I’m hoping to wait until most of the slush has been pushed off the roads by other traffic.

For those of you caught in this storm, you have my sympathy.  Be careful out there.



  1. AKA 'A moderate mid-winter day' where I grew up. The plowing/de-icing equipment destroys the roads in the process, but where you guys don't have any out there, I can't imagine what a horror show it must be out there. Great time to own an auto body shop!

  2. I know they wreak havoc, but I always was a bit awed by blue northers. Many beautiful days were turned to crap faster than you could say, 'boo', but the experience of seeing a massive cloud front barreling over the ground at 50-60 mph and looming over you when you looked up from what had been some sort of pleasant outdoor activity was impressive. The ones that really caused problems were the ones whose clouds had a definite green hue to them, since that meant hail. I remember having one day be in the 80's and sunny and the next be in the low 30's with snow on the ground, with at least 60% of that temperature drop happening in about an hour or two as the front blew through. Mother Nature has a lot of ways in Texas of reminding you of her power and capriciousness…

  3. I grew up west of you, Lubbock County. February would turn warmish, and folks would say spring had come. Don't ever take February weather as anything but a feint.

    I've seen it do everything in a day: warm, sunny, front blowing in, rain, sleet, hail, then snow all while thundering mightily. Always keep a jacket in the truck. I finished school more than once and shivered all the way home on the bus. Half the year that was almost a 90 minute trip.

    I do miss the vagaries of the weather up there. Spring was always a show.

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