I’ve had about enough of this winter

We’re under a winter storm warning in central Tennessee;  not as bad as it’s going to get further north, but still no fun.  They’re forecasting:

  • Accumulations … 3 to 10 inches of snow … with locally higher amounts possible north of Interstate 40. Lower amounts will be possible south.
  • Main impact … accumulating snow tonight into Monday evening will likely cause hazardous travel conditions across the area. Sleet and/or freezing rain may make roads slick with a coating of ice in addition to chances for snow during the day.

That’s pretty bad by local standards.  Miss D. may be able to get to work tomorrow, as the worst snow and sleet isn’t expected until after her normal commute time, but I’m worried about her getting home again – not least because local drivers tend to become suddenly lemming-like in their suicidal tendencies whenever a few white flakes drift from the sky.  We’ll make sure she has enough stuff packed in her car that she can spend the night at work if she has to.

For those of my readers further north, where the snow and ice and cold will be even worse, you take care, you hear?  Spring’s not far away now.  Stay safe until it gets here!

A final thought on the weather, courtesy of Miss K.:



  1. Consider yourself lucky. Locally the weather guessers have us squarely in the "freezing rain" zone, and not consistently above freezing until the weekend.

    It's going to be an interesting 4-5 days.

  2. Joe Bastardi's in his Saturday forecast predicted hard winter into April for the middle Atlantic states and points North. Cabin fever risk is high.


  3. Enjoying -7 F, windchill currently – 20. Set a 50 year low last night.

    Send predators – exterminate groundhogs.

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