Karl Denninger lays it on the line

We’ve heard from Karl Denninger many times in these pages.  Now, in utter frustration at the abandonment of the rule of law in this country, he’s laid it on the line about our desperately urgent need to turn aside from what he considers our currently disastrous path.  It’s a long interview, but well worth your time to listen to it in full.

I can’t argue with anything he says.  I can only hope that this election might – might – produce an Administration that will listen.



  1. It could…theoretically…produce an administration that's willing to listen (though I'm not holding my breath). Unfortunately, it will completely fail to produce a bureaucracy that will care.

  2. Next administration will be fiscally irresponsible, count on it. If Hellary wins, because Dems gonna be Dems. If Donald wins, to get anything done he will have to agree to so much special-interest spending demanded by Dem congresscritters, red-ink tide grows even faster.

  3. Karl Denninger's voice will be missed. But as he himself observes, his warnings for the last eight years have not been heeded in the least by anybody important, so why bother?


  4. This is the picture of a society that has turned its back on God. Without God people do whatever they feel is right in their own sight. Perhaps this sounds preachy, but it is the truth.

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