“Lies, Damn Lies, And Police Interrogations”


That’s the title of a recent video by the Armed Attorneys, Richard Hayes and Emily Taylor.  I think it’s particularly important viewing in the light of partisan District Attorneys and police administrators in many jurisdictions in the USA.  I’ve written about that problem extensively in the past, particularly in these two articles:

If you find yourself forced to defend yourself and/or your loved ones, no matter how legally and morally correct your actions were, you may find yourself under potentially hostile interrogation by police or prosecuting authorities, because those against whom you were forced to act might be more “politically correct” than you are.  It’s a very real threat in many jurisdictions today.

That’s where Hayes’ and Taylor’s advice can save your butt.  I highly recommend taking the thirteen minutes you’ll need to watch this video – and then I strongly advise that you seek out a local, competent, respected, experienced attorney in the field of self-defense, and put them on retainer.  If for some reason that’s not possible, consider some sort of legal insurance to provide such coverage.  (My personal recommendation in that field is the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network, partly because of their cost-effective coverage, but particularly because of the very high quality of the members of its Advisory Board.  If I ever need it, I want that sort of expertise on my side!  No, I’m not getting any commission or other consideration for recommending them.  There are several alternatives.)

Good advice, IMHO.



  1. Yeah! The Constitution gives you the right "to keep and bear Arms" but the minute you pull the trigger for any reason whatsoever, we'll throw your carcass in prison for the next 50 years – along with a copy of that document and your bible.

  2. Regarding Aesop's comment above, . . .
    This is still the best you tube video on this subject. It does get too tedious in some places. I couldn't get my relatives and friends to continue to watch it, because of that.

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