Technical difficulties with Blogger?


I’m sure many of my readers have seen comments on other blogs about how difficult some are finding it to post new articles.  Some claim that Google is improving tweaking fiddling with its Blogger architecture, trying to improve it.  The Silicon Graybeard wrote a lengthy article about it recently, to which I refer you if you’d like more information.

I also noticed yesterday that my site statistics, normally accessed via Statcounter, were much lower than usual.  It appeared as if my blog traffic had literally halved overnight.  Fortunately, I use more than one site monitoring/metering service, so I was able to cross-check Statcounter’s figures with others.  All of the latter indicated that my traffic was perfectly normal, so I have no idea why Statcounter’s numbers changed.  I’ll see how they look today.

I’ve also had complaints from some readers that comments they’d left were not appearing.  A couple even accused me of deleting their comments.  Sorry, folks, but I don’t do that anonymously.  If I delete a comment, I delete its content, not the comment itself, so people can see it was there.  The only reasons I do that are to get rid of trolls, or remove content that is NSFW or overly profane.  Blogger, on the other hand, has had problems with “disappearing” comments from time to time.  Nobody seems to know why, or, if they do, they’re not saying.  I can only assume that the current issues are related to the others mentioned above.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m not very happy about it.  I’m in the process of setting up a backup blog site, so that if the terminally politically correct nuke this blog, it will still be accessible.  If it goes down, look for its replacement at the blog name (all one word) followed by the usual dot and com.

Meanwhile, I’m sorry about any hassles you’re experiencing with this blog – but I hasten to add that they aren’t my fault.



    1. Same here. Background changed from white to green on my phone and header pic also bigger with site title and description covering. Believe text display also changed/enlarged.

      Maybe blogger now forcing "mobile optimized" pages?

  1. Nice place to be, quality conversation, top quality posting of information to top it all off, for free, and you're apologizing for glitches caused by you know who? Peter, I know that's just in your nature (may assume and know to be ~ synonymous for a reader as long as I?), but, …

  2. It is pissing me off big time. Most of my blogroll blogs I follow and one of my own blogs are coming up in CODE! WTH?? Your blog is one of the few I can still get on!

  3. You'd think that by now Google would be smoother at swapping in their new censorship enabled content management engine for Blogger. Must still be in beta.

  4. Lots of monkeying with the numbers Peter… my haus is waaaaaaaaay down per poast… like -someone- is throttling a lot of the bleggs
    It is what it is Aye?

  5. Yesterday my Malwarebytes had an argument with Google. A serious one.

    So after the usual purge-puke-restart, I got a different Google dashboard for the blog.


    Not much changed in my StatCounter numbers.

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