Memes that made me laugh 92


Gathered around the Internet over the past week or so.  Click any image for a larger view.

(A quick note:  Some readers are disappointed when the weekly Memes blog posts contains fewer images than usual [as is the case this week].  The reason is simple.  These posts are titled, “Memes that made me laugh“.  Sadly, many memes [particularly political ones] simply aren’t funny – they’re nasty, designed to score political points, to hurt rather than amuse.  I deliberately avoid most [but not all] political memes here, funny or otherwise, because I respect the fact that my readers hold different opinions, and they have the right to have their opinions treated with respect.  Also, if a meme doesn’t make me at least smile, it’s also out of consideration.  I pick memes that seem funny to me, and those that are make the week’s post.  If there aren’t many of them, the post is shorter than usual.)

More next week.



  1. So, we have a Supreme Court Justice who has no idea how the Constitution works. Thanks, Affirmative Action!!

  2. The last one reminds me of a couple of unfortunate but hilarious incidents at chess tournaments that I've been in. Body noises are the worst things in those events, absolutely the worst.

  3. The Kansas song take off made me hungry. So did the gov sammich pic. Maybe I'm hungry.

    What IS the purpose of a double-ended Crescent wrench?

  4. Shared the wifi meme with a friend of mine who is quite the brainiac. Instead of laughing he started solving it and discovered an error within it. I should have known better.

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