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Following on my article this morning about renewed Democratic Party accusations of Russian interference in last year’s US Presidential election, two new points have been brought to my attention by readers.

First, the original Russian interference in US presidential politics appears to have been instigated by, or at least tacitly condoned by . . . wait for it . . . former President Obama!

That was in 2012, of course.  Funny . . . the Democratic Party didn’t make any sort of fuss about it then, except to defend the President’s comments!

The second thing is, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out today:

President Barack Obama back in December denied all this was going on. Here it is, and it’s a Breitbart story: “Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence That Russia Tampered with Votes in Election.” December 13, 2016, just three months ago. “No Evidence That Russia Tampered with Votes in Election — President Barack Obama emphatically denounced the conspiracy theory saying Russians successfully tampered with the American voting process.

“‘We were frankly more concerned in the run up to the election to the possibilities of vote tampering, which we did not see evidence of,’ he said. ‘And we’re confident that we can guard against.’ During an interview with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, Obama downplayed the hack of a private email account of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, defending his administration for revealing in October that the Russian government was connected. ‘None of this should be a big surprise,’ Obama said, ‘Russia trying to influence our elections dates back to the Soviet Union.’

“Obama dismissed the hack and the leaked emails as ‘not very interesting’ and lacking ‘explosive’ revelations. He puzzled as to why it was an ‘obsession’ by the news media despite the knowledge that the Russians were responsible.” Yeah, they’re trying, but they didn’t succeed in doing anything. That’s Obama in December! So what has changed? In December: “Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence That Russia Tampered with Votes in Election.” Was Obama lying then? Why would he lie? Why didn’t he tell everybody?

He told Daily Show, Trevor Noah; it got picked up here by Breitbart. The New York Times didn’t pick it up. The Washington Post didn’t pick it up. But I remember telling you about it. And Obama did the same thing in March when the subject came up. Every time it came up all during last year, Obama pooh-poohed it. And you know why? Because it would have been a black mark on his administration. If the Russians had been able to hack the election while he’s president, what does it say about his national security apparatus?

So he’s out there all last year and as recently as December saying (summarized), “There’s nothing to this. No evidence that Russia tampered with the votes in the election,” which is something I’ve been maintaining for even longer than Obama said it. It’s absurd and it’s preposterous, and yet that’s what they continue to build all of these allegations on is contact between the Trump campaign and the Russians. So I’m just telling you, folks. The story here is not Jeff Sessions. Don’t get sucked into this. The story is Valerie Jarrett moving in to the Obama family home.

What the hell’s up with that?

There’s a story here is about how Obama and his people are running the resistance operation from that home, and that’s why she’s moved in. The story here is the Democrat Party being blown out of the water in election after election after election. The story here is Barack Obama’s agenda has been totally reputed by the American people. It has been rejected in 2010. It was rejected in 2012. It was rejected in 2016. It was sent packing.

The story here is that Barack Obama is humiliated and angry and embarrassed that his effort to transform the United States of America into some kind of socialist paradise has been interrupted, that he was the architect of the Democrat Party defeat. And that cannot stand for the history books! And so this story is all about the Democrat Party trying to rewrite history and make it look like they actually won were it not for the cheating of the Russians and Trump.

There’s more at the link.

I don’t listen to El Rushbo (I was referred to that article by a reader of this blog), but in this instance, I think he’s exactly right.  I said something similar this morning, if you recall.

The entire brouhaha about Russian interference in last year’s US elections is smoke and mirrors.  To date, not one single solitary piece of objective, verifiable, provable, able-to-stand-up-in-court evidence has been produced, to confirm the allegations, smears, rumors, gossip and innuendo being flung around by the Democratic Party and George Soros’ operatives on the left.

Not. One. Single. Solitary. Piece.

That says it all, right there.  If there had been such evidence, you can bet your boots it would have been splashed all over the news media long ago.  They’re slavering at the mouth for it.  The fact that they haven’t found it, despite all their best (or worst) efforts, speaks volumes in itself.



  1. Another thing forgotten about this Russian hack business is the night and day switch from the election. Before the election, Trump claimed the vote was rigged – EVERYONE else claimed otherwise, calling Trump paranoid, delusional and wrong.

    But after the election, Trump switched to it was a fair election while the
    Obama / NSA / Democrats / Hillary / Republicans / media switched to 'Russian Hack' mode. One guy changing his tune is understandable – he won. But everyone else changing on a dime ?

    Now who is being delusional ?

  2. Reality is irrelevant in a propaganda campaign. The KGB won the cold war, they completely infiltrated an entire US political party and came to own the mass media. With the USSR "gone" why is Russia still on UN security council? To steal Willie's famous line….I guess that depends on what the meaning of "gone" is.

    And now the Pravda-du-jour is that a redneck lawyer from Alabama is colluding with the Russians, I suppose because Russia is famous for wanting the American military to be refit and resupplied?


  3. The Democrats are acting like a bunt of headless chickens. All their antics smell of despair. Apart from the ludicrous nature of their strategy, they can't even execute efficiently. Their rush to leave after the President's speech looked more like a bunch of oldsters who had forgotten their Depends.

  4. You apparently forgot the time(1984) that teddy – the murderous kennedy – did a deal with the Russian asking for their help to defeat The Ronald. The deal was that he would help get the Russians GET positive press in the US (not really all that hard to do) and they would cause problems for Reagan during and after the presidential campaign.
    Demo-scum, helping the enemies of the US since before WWII.

  5. You should know by now that it's all about the allegations, the accusations, not about anything connected to real events. It's a distraction, an attempt to get something that is arguably a confession to hang your opponent with. Much like the Soviets, the Inquisition, and totalitarians across history have done.

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