More Clinton e-mail damage?

I note that the FBI, having disgraced itself in its handling of the Clinton e-mail scandal, is now ‘looking into’ newly discovered e-mails on a device or devices shared by Huma Abedin and her husband, himself-disgraced Anthony Weiner.

Inevitably, Hillary Clinton is ‘confident‘ that the FBI will not recommend any charges.  Nevertheless, I have three questions.

  1. If there’s enough evidence to charge someone with criminal wrongdoing, will Huma Abedin take the fall for Hillary, in the confident expectation that a presidential pardon will rapidly be forthcoming?  And, if such a pardon is not rapidly forthcoming, will she ‘do a Samson‘ and bring down everybody else with her – or will she have a fatal ‘accident’ before then?
  2. Will Anthony Weiner use the newly ‘discovered’ e-mails to work a deal for himself, avoiding prosecution for his own misdeeds by threatening to ‘do a Samson’ on or to everyone else involved, unless he gets a free pass?
  3. So far, the only e-mails Wikileaks has released have been to and from members of staff of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  The election is now less than two weeks away.  When will Wikileaks begin releasing Hillary’s own e-mails, and any incriminating evidence they contain?

I’ll be watching with great interest to learn the answers to those questions.



  1. Ask the McDougals? Susan went to jail for them and her husband died. I was flabbergasted when Bill won the presidency. But even Ted Bundy was "charming". I pray America wakes up. If not I suppose we will deserve every thing we get.

  2. I'm surprised weiner hasn't committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head two or three times. He's a nothing but a liability to the Clintons and he's been a lousy reverse beard for Hillary's girlfriend. I'd stay out of airplanes with him.

  3. Actually, I'm surprised Huma hasn't had one of her "brothers" in the Brotherhood strap a vest on WEEner and send him out for a walk in Ft. Marcy Park.

    "I pray America wakes up. If not I suppose we will deserve every thing we get."

    That's the problem, Gail. Those of us who know better, who _are_ awake, will suffer the same consequences as those who aren't or who choose to ignore the facts. "We" don't deserve that.

  4. i, too, will 'be watching with interest'—to see if a single word about this evil is printed in our newspaper, which is a party rag for the clintons.

    it is clear that the population as a whole is either blind and deaf or stupid.
    our only hope is an intervention by God.

  5. Hopefully the are using rubbers gloves when touching his electronic devices. That job should come with time and a half…

  6. Or God forbid, she gets elected and pardons everyone in sight of those e-mails. I wonder, could Bill & Hellery become the first husband and wife team to be impeached? What a lovely thought.
    And Deborah, when 51% of the population is on the take from the government trough, they don't care who is elected or how criminal or unethical they are, as long as they keep the money coming. Someone needs to chop that trough to pieces.

  7. Somewhere – during the last couple of days – I read an explanation for this new "look" at her emails that trouble me. The notion put forth was the idea to run her through the "justice" system quickly, finding her not guilty, and preventing Trump, should he be elected, from having her tried over the obvious felony charges because of "double jeopardy".

    There is certainly time enough (if they rush it through at her behest and with the help of Obama, Lynch, and Comey) before the next President-elect takes office for her to be "exonerated" or charged with something that doesn't deny her the right to hold public office. Then if she wins, she's covered and if she loses, she can't be tried again by whatever moves Trump would make of his promise to see her in jail. For _these_ crimes, at least.

    This is not a bid by Comey to re-gain lost respect. He is into the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation too deeply to be worried about that. This is someone re-thinking the situation and what might happen if – somehow – the election fraud isn't enough to overcome Trump's popularity. No matter what you think of Trump, I do believe he would enjoy seeing Hillary behind bars. Maybe he could make it a "two-fer", putting Bill in for pedophilia and other crimes.

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