Neil Oliver: The masks are about to come off


We’ve met Neil Oliver before in these pages.  He’s a trenchant observer of current affairs in Britain and Europe, and many of his observations apply to the United States as well.

He points out that the emerging COVID-19 tyranny will finally, inevitably, reveal the true nature of those behind it – those who claim to govern us.

Barring only the unvaccinated from bars and cinemas and the rest, making the vaccines an unavoidable, legal requirement for participation in the ordinary stuff of life – these are the contents of a closed box politicians all over the world have been contemplating for a while.

It’s a box I think they always planned to open eventually. It was always and only a matter of time, a matter of when. But, I say again that it is not all bad news, because the contents of that box – that box in which lies the ultimate say over own bodies, our children’s bodies, our freedom to live our lives unmolested – are dangerous for all.

Because once that box is fully opened, the masks – and I don’t mean the trillions of strips of plasticised fabric presently littering the streets, hanging from trees and fences, sinking into our oceans and choking the life out of wildlife – I mean the masks disguising totalitarians as democrats and liberals … will finally be off.

And that, emerging as though from chrysalis as a fully-fledged totalitarian, takes some nerve.

As they do say, you can’t ride two horses with only one backside. If our elected representatives open that box, the days of masquerading as freedom-loving, liberal-minded public servants, the trustees of generations of democracy, will be over, for ever. Once that box is open, once we step over that edge, there will be no going back for anyone.

. . .

What, anyway, will be the truth, the reality, of compulsory vaccinations. I have wondered what they will look like. No doubt it starts with tighter and tighter lockdown for the unclean – more and more restrictions on movement until such folk are effectively shut up in their homes. There will be loss of jobs, punitive fines, confiscation of property, maybe seizing of bank accounts – the opportunities are endless for a government seeking to force people to do that which they do not want to do.

But eventually, I imagine, if all else fails, it must come down to force – naked force. Eventually it comes down to a citizen held down in a room and a needle stuck into his or her arm. I know that sounds dramatic – and it is – but if a government decrees that every man, woman and child has to take the vaccine, willingly or not, well, force is how it ends.

. . .

The outcome of all this is up to us. And there is something else worth remembering every day.

I have said it before and I will say it again now.

Governments amount to hundreds, while we amount to millions. They are few and we are many.

There’s more at the link.

I’ve embedded a video of Mr. Oliver’s talk below, which I highly recommend watching, or (if you’d prefer) reading the full transcript of his speech at the link provided.

Trenchant thoughts indeed.  We should all be asking ourselves, “What if that actually happens?  What if jackbooted thugs try to hold down me, or my spouse, or our children, and forcibly inject us with a vaccine we don’t want and regard as dangerous?”

I made my decision about that a long time ago.



  1. Peter- I agree. Every person has their line in the sand (well most do) and this is mine as well.
    We should pay attention to how thngs unfold in Europe and Australia because we have started to follow the same path.But because we remain armed I don't believe things will unfold he same way. Like all schoolyard bullies, the other side won't want to hit back, so I think TPTB will not have to resort to injections forced at gunpoint.They will want to avoid the blowback from such steps.

    Instead, I think they will continue with incrementally more restrictions and penalties against those who refuse the death shot. I think we can expect things like cutting out Social Security and Medicare unless there is proof of being
    I would also expect the non-vaxed to be denied perscription drugs if the global supply chain doesn't implode naturally on it's own. Keep in mind that somewhere around 95% of all Rx drugs are made in India with raw materials from China.

    I would be pretty miserable without my Rx medications, but I could survive. The same can't be said for other poor souls (diabetics,those on blood thinners,etc). I have wondered if a medication shortage will be done deliberately by TPTB as part of their plan to reduce the population by culling the sick and weak out so they only have to keep the healthy, strong ones left to toil as their serfs under the NWO communism.

    1. Well, I'm not diabetic thank God but if I were and faced w govt imposed denial of insulin it wouldn't take long to organize a 100% discount shopping spree at the local pharmacy , Cali style.

  2. "And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?" Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  3. But eventually, I imagine, if all else fails, it must come down to force – naked force. Eventually it comes down to a citizen held down in a room and a needle stuck into his or her arm. I know that sounds dramatic – and it is – but if a government decrees that every man, woman and child has to take the vaccine, willingly or not, well, force is how it ends.

    This is already happening in Australia. I remember seeing YouTube videos from about a month ago showing police tackling people in parks and stabbing them with the Jab, if they were "unvaxxed" (how did they know???).

    I also remember wondering how long it takes before it comes here, as we've already had people showing up at the front door to Jab us. It's only a short step from knocking on the front door, to kicking it down. I'll also note that they wouldn't know who to "visit" without lists being kept.

  4. Never forget! It was only 85± years ago that people (that was almost everybody in Europe at the time) made the "The Unclean" wear yellow stars; wasn't all that long ago, was it?

  5. It's long past time for some seriously "mostly peaceful protests" by our side. You don't defeat tyranny by complying, hiding, or knuckling under.

    In the US they appear to have reached the conclusion that they don't actually need to hold elections any more (I mean if you're already voting for people on the off chance they won't show up…) We're pretty much Boudicca right now. Anyone know how to raise an army? Asking for a friend…

    A note for deep state quislings/algorithms reading this – 'tis but a jest!

  6. So when the food and drugs are only available to the vaxed, why wouldn't the unvaxed either burn them or take them by force? This "plan" of theirs leads to no one having either one. There are many "field expedient" remedies to this.

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