NIMBY in California???

I’m laughing my fundament off at the outraged reaction of California liberals and progressives to the news that the US Navy has identified two possibly very large illegal alien detention facilities in that state.

Sites identified by the Navy include:

  • Abandoned airfields near Mobile and Orange Beach, Alabama that could house up to 25,000 migrants.
  • the former Naval Weapons Station Concord near San Francisco that could house an estimated 47,000.
  • A site at Camp Pendleton California that could house up to 47,000.
  • A potential site at the Marine Corps Air Station at Yuma, Arizona that needs further study of potential housing capabilities.

There’s more at the link.

This has gotten local politicians – who are unalterably opposed to the current Administration’s policies towards illegal aliens – frothing at the mouth.

Hundreds of opponents of the Trump administration’s alleged policy of “family separation” protested at the border in San Diego on Saturday, and thousands protested outside the local headquarters of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — though President Donald Trump had already signed an executive order providing that illegal alien families would be detained together.

The protests could be even worse in Northern California, where opposition to President Trump’s policy is stronger. A furious Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA) called the plan to house illegal aliens at the naval base, which is in his district, “madness”:

The @eastbaytimes reported on the unprecedented & thoughtless Trump Administration proposal to construct a detention facility to hold up to 47,000 immigrants at the Naval Weapons Station in Concord. It is madness & we are fighting this in every way we can.
— Mark DeSaulnier (@RepDeSaulnier) June 23, 2018

Others agreed, and appealed to the state’s Democratic members of Congress:

Sen. Harris, please look into the report on the Navy opening the Concord Naval Weapon Station in California for use as a detention center for up to 47,000 immigrants and do what you can to shut this plan down! Concord will not be a party to this! #TrumpConcentrationCampsForKids
— J. Trevizo (@jtrevizo1013) June 22, 2018

Again, more at the link.

I would have thought that any politician genuinely concerned about the well-being of illegal aliens would welcome housing them in the relatively temperate, comfortable climate of California, where so many of their fellow countrymen (at least ethnically speaking, if not nationality-wise) would be available to help them, assist with their welfare, and make them feel welcome.

Or . . . is it perhaps a manifestation of the NIMBY attitude?  Could it be that those politicians don’t want more competition for the resources already in short supply for their constituents?  And could it be that they’re afraid an influx of illegals will impact – and thus anger – the people on whose votes they rely?

Your guess is as good as mine . . . but I think I can make a pretty good guess.  I also think that President Trump, and probably Secretary of Defense Mattis, are laughing very hard at the outrage this proposal has stirred up.  Come on, progressives – put your money where your mouths are!



  1. Now you know that the rulers here in the California People's Republic (a defacto one-party state) are not against law breakers like the illegal aliens coming in; rather they are against those who swore to uphold the law doing their job in the CPR. It's funny that they want the lawbreaker's children locked up in jail with their parents (a violation of the Constitution's ban on it in Article 1, Sections 9 & 10) rather than being taken better care of than the parents ever did (or would). The care centers that were set up for the unaccompanied & separated children, they receive better nutrition, medical care, and education than they ever had before.

  2. Oops, CA is a sanctuary state. The Fed can leave the door open once the illegals arrived.

    Or, maybe the good hearted liberal billionaires and Hollywood stars can house them in their spare mansions. Better than camps, you know? Maxim can at least house two mommies and two kids. Pelosi has a couple of million dollars homes for a few more. Pretty soon, our borders are cleared of the current crop of refugees and can welcome some more.

  3. The Democrats haven't thrown so many people out of restaurants since th 1950's…. And won't be happy until some gomer gets in the face of some cabinet wonk w/ a security detail, and gets shot… I daresay they are COUNTING on it….

  4. What's fun is interrogating progressives how immigration policy doubling California's population growth helps with their pet environmental issues
    like urban sprawl, smog and carbon reduction mandates, water resources, etc.

  5. While I'm at it, I've been thinking the feds should pull the former SF Presidio army base out of the National Park system, evict all the hipster tenants, and use it for legal Muslim refugees.

    All those unvetted Muslim men of military age would be an especially interesting fit with Frisco culture come Pride Month.

  6. It's really very simple. It's an outrage to separate children from their criminal parents. It's against the law to incarcerate children with their parents. What one side of this issue really wants is obvious, just issue the parents a court date and turn them loose in the country. In other words, no borders, open access to all. And they are incapable of seeing anything wrong with this.
    Here's a thought, go ahead and let them in, but without a green card you are not allowed to work, and without proof of citizenship you are not allowed to collect any social services. And violating any of those restrictions gets you a one way ticket out of the country.

  7. Uncle Lar:

    CA will just issue their own ID cards for social services. I think they do that already for illegals.

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