No blog updates until Thursday


As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m in the process of setting up an alternate blog site, thanks to the growing threat of censorship and/or deletion on Big Tech blogging sites and facilities.  To that end, the contents of this blog (including all the archives) are scheduled to be backed up and copied over to a new server tomorrow, Wednesday, October 26th.

As a result, I won’t be putting up any new blog articles until Thursday morning, to allow the copying process to proceed uninterrupted.  Anything I posted in the middle of that process wouldn’t be copied, anyway, so there’s not much point in trying!  Please enjoy yourselves with the bloggers listed in the sidebar until then.




  1. I’ve wanted to comment on your blog for years, but not badly enough to embace the googlemonster to do it.

    If I don’t need a google account to leave a comment, I’ll probably start leaving my usual inane, irreverent, and sometimes incomprehensible drivel here.

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