NYC solves its homeless problem – by dumping it on other towns

I suppose this is one way to solve vagrancy issues . . .

It was discovered last week that [New York City] is paying a year’s rent to encourage the homeless to ditch the Big Apple’s homeless shelters for apartments upstate.

Senate Investigations Committee Chairman Terrence Murphy (R-Hudson Valley) told The Post on Sunday that he’s opening a probe and will hold a public hearing on the matter after being briefed by an infuriated state Sen. Fred Akshar, who represents the city of Binghamton and Broome County, where the homeless are being shipped by the city.

. . .

Broome County welfare officials found out about the families when they came into the Social Services office to apply for other benefits but not rental subsidies. They were told New York City had already taken care of their rent.

Alarm bells went off.

Akshar, a Republican, said it’s not just about his district.

“This could be happening in Rocehster, Buffalo, Albany, you name it,” he said.

“Bill de Blasio is putting homeless New Yorkers on buses, tossing them some rent money and sending them elsewhere . . . for someone else to take care of,” Akshar added. “The people of the Southern Tier and Broome County support and take care of their own in good times and bad. We don’t ship our struggling neighbors elsewhere for others to ‘deal with’ and call ourselves progressives.”

There’s more at the link.

This is despicable.  Not only is NYC pretending to “solve” the problem by shipping it away, but they’re ignoring the crime and other problems that the homeless frequently bring with them.  They’re dumping all that on other communities without so much as a “by your leave”, and will do nothing to pay the cost of alleviating or eliminating it from those towns.  Goes to show . . . when you’re the “biggest brother” in a state run by a Big Brother government, you can get away with almost anything, at the expense of “smaller brothers”.  If I were the communities in question, I’d sue NYC for every cent of additional cost imposed by this policy – plus punitive damages.

The question is, how many other big cities are doing the same thing?  And where are they sending their homeless populations?  I suspect that might make for some interesting investigative reporting . . .



  1. The solution might be to turn the NYC homeless into Soylent Green and sell it as a nourishing protein drink in the Third World at discount prices. Ok, it's only an idea.

    Nobody including Nancy Pelosi and Crying Chuck Schumer want homeless encampments in their front yards (actually or metaphorically). Nor to any of us. Maybe they should be encouraged to 'ride the rails' to California where they can accrue even more benefits? Or given one-way bus passes? Send them to a place that desperately wants and needs them rather than dumping them on neighboring communities.

  2. This is only stage one.
    Stage two is to ship enough of them to narrowly contested areas to flip a close election.-It is a microcosm of the dems national immigration strategy.

  3. What about the mindset of those destitute individuals who've been psychologically and socially reduced to being mere "commodities" and "liabilities" (as opposed to being human beings in their own right)?
    Is it not just as much an injustice to be pigeonholing individuals based on their circumstances as it is to be "dumping them on" other locations like unwanted pets?

  4. That will teach the Christian's a lesson. Baltimore is doing the same thing but using an NGO/Non-profit outside the city limits to house the recients of Baltimore's largess.

  5. The preaching minister said this week that Pueblo, CO and Colorado City, CO are doing that and sending their problem folks on one-way busses to Amarillo TX. I suspect others are doing likewise (KS sent people to Colorado Springs.)


  6. Boo hoo.
    The correct solution is to deport them to the county in which they reached majority, and institute policy that no one will receive any social services whatsoever while vagrant in any but that home county.

    99% of the homeless inflicted on any big city aren't from there in the first place.

    Ship 'em back, or else bring back chain gangs, and let them fill potholes in the summer and shovel snow in the winter for a six month county jail stretch for each vagrancy offense. They will return elsewhere in haste, or you'll have the best roads in the state in short order.

    We didn't have a "homeless" problem anywhere until we started mollycoddling them, by court decree.

    The first judge, and any subsequent, who overturns that policy gets them deposited on his home street, and at the courthouse wherein he/she presides, in a precise 50/50 ratio, and kept there in perpetuity by local law enforcement.

    If you're not willing to live under the results of your rulings, you don't deserve the job.

  7. Without land or title it is just row well, and live.

    The world needs ditchdiggers. No country for old men.

    Surely Heaven does not mind so much.

  8. I wish Cincinnati would send the homeless on a one-way bus to anywhere distant. Having them out of the Main Library would improve things drastically.

    1. I recently did a college tour with daughter number four at Ohio State. When I was a student, the main library was dark comfy and vaguely dishevelled. Kind of like the griffindor common room. A great place to pore over books. It was also full of bums, which sometimes made studying difficult. Now, during our tour, I discovered that the library was gutted and transformed into this temple of glass and bright lights and computer kiosks. Not a comfy chair in sight, and building requires a pass, so no bums anymore either.

  9. What's to stop said hp's from commuting back into town for their daytime job/panhandling/welfare scamming? DeFazio dint think this one through too well, did he?

  10. Chicago and sent the welfare rats east into Iowa

    And Milwaukee.

    On the New York thing: it's reported that the Governor, Cuomo, and DiBlasio are at loggerheads most of the time. I expect that DeBlasio will come out on the short end of this deal.

  11. When Trenton NJ built the state buildings, they condemned large sections of low income apartments. They move the people across the river to PA and paid the rent on apartments for 6 month in advance and mailed support checks to there new homes.

    When the rent came due, and the people called the NJ Dept. Of Public Assistance , they were told the now citizens of Pennsylvania and it wasn't Jersey's problem anymore.

    Very slick.


  12. Upstate NY is a completely different state than NYC too. Even without the legal and moral implications of moving these people to upstate counties, doing so is NOT helping these folks at all. The area is more rural, with fewer amenities, has a completely different culture than NYC, and has far fewer jobs to "spare" making it far less likely that these people will be able to get off assistance in the future.

  13. I didn't think this was a new thing. I thought HUD and NY state had been sending welfare and section 8 recipients upstate for years since costs of living were "less expensive" than the city.

  14. What PatriciusAgustus said this is just a new flavor of the Section8 scam of exporting poverty and crime to the surrounding areas.

  15. No one city or area can solve their homeless problem; as soon as services are set up in one place, word gets out, and homeless flood the area hoping to get a winning ticket (which is as basic as a place to live and food). It would take a regional response.

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