Off to the hospital

Blogging will be light until this evening.  I’m on my way to the hospital for an in-patient procedure.

Readers will recall my adventures with kidney stones a couple of months ago.  Well, it turns out that a large fragment had remained behind, and was recently jolted loose from its place of concealment.  It’s been cutting on me internally ever since, to my great discomfort.  (Yesterday it looked like I was peeing more blood than urine – NOT good!)  So, later today the nice urologist will feed a tube up my anesthetized whatsit until he can see what’s going on in there.  He’ll then zap the offending stone with a laser and try to extract the bits and pieces.

Hopefully I’ll be home by tonight, and hopefully I won’t be peeing dark red any more.  That’s distinctly unsettling . . .  Say a prayer for me today, if you’d be so kind, and for the doctor and operating room staff – and for my wife, that she doesn’t kill me until I become less of a grumpy old fart over this!  (Truly, she’s been a wonderful helpmate.  I don’t think I could have handled this nearly as well without her.)



  1. Peeing the red stuff? Now I can't help but think of the whole "water in to wine" thing … and you're peeing it. Bloody show-off!

  2. This is what convinced me that the pain involved with a kidney stone must be as bad – if not worse – than I could imagine.

    "Yeah, the treatment for this is that we stuff a laser up your whatsit and pul the trigger."

    "You know what? Go for it, man. Can't be worse than this."


  3. Somehow, I can't encounter the term "laser lithotripsy" without thinking of Alderaan.
    May your procedure be less dramatic, if no less effective!

  4. "Say a prayer for me today, if you'd be so kind, and for the doctor and operating room staff – and for my wife…"


  5. Peter's home. Groggy, in a lot of pain, but he's home.

    Thanks for the prayers, everyone. They are deeply, deeply appreciated.

  6. Prayer flag still up . . for Peter, Mrs. Peter, and the hospital staff now drowning their memories at the local bar 😉


  7. Peter,

    I'm glad you made it home. One of the blessings of a kidney stone is that they hurt so much any treatment that takes away the pain is worth it.

    You will feel much better in a couple of days.

    Glen in Texas

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