On the road again

Miss D. and I will be hitting the road in the small hours of Sunday morning, on our way to Texas.  We’ll be closing on our new home on Tuesday, then spending a few days lining up new flooring and other things that need to be done before heading back to Tennessee next weekend.  We’ll be at our present home for a few more weeks before leaving for Texas permanently at the end of January.

My pickup is loaded to the gunwales, and very low on its springs.  Please say a few prayers for us for traveling mercies, and for the reliability of its suspension, engine and gearbox!  The truck’s made some heavily loaded journeys before, so I’m not expecting trouble, but this is a long ride – at least 14 hours if we do it non-stop (which I’d like to do, sharing the driving;  but if we’re too tired, we’ll overnight somewhere – I’d rather be a rested, efficient driver than a tired, mistake-prone one!).  The trailer’s much more lightly loaded (deliberately, so that it doesn’t try to ‘steer the truck’ towing it), so that should be no problem.

I’ll queue a couple of blog posts to post during the day on Sunday, to keep you amused.  Regular blogging will resume once we’re in a place with wi-fi once more.



  1. Highly encourage you to load up the Waze app if you're not already a user. It's GPS with crowd-sourced traffic, so the routing should take flooding into account.

    Safe travels!

  2. Where in Texas? It's a big ol' state, and even though I'm in Louisiana, I'm closer to Louisville than some places in Texas.

  3. Well, great, Peter! Welcome to Texas and may the Great Republic treat you well!

    We're just North of Austin, out in Hill Country.

    Wish you well with your trip down and hope that it is uneventful.

    Fair Winds

    Cap'n Jan

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