1. That was Michael Caine's line in the '70s, back when Sir Maurice was doing pure schlock:

    "Mr. Caine, your last movie was atrocious!"
    "Yes it certainly was. But the check bought a house on the French Riviera, and it's quite marvelous!"

  2. When your books spawned movies that spawned theme parks, you've got F-you money.

    She doesn't quite have "Establish a moon colony" money, but I wouldn't count her out.

  3. "a whole audience"

    Is the sort of thing someone says when they really know that it's just a handful of whackjobs and most of the public is ignoring them. And they really hate that. Most of the time they are doing this in the first place is they want to be noticed, get some publicity, get their stupid faces in front of a tv camera … so they can pretend their useless drab little lives actual represent something worthwhile.

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