Political candidates and the ethics of choice

I note with displeasure that the mainstream media are already talking as if the 2016 Presidential elections are going to be a choice between Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, and Jeb Bush for the Republicans.

Given a choice between those two, I’ll agree with Jerry Garcia:

Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils




  1. OK, what am I missing? Jeb Bush doesn't thrill me to my toes, but so far as I know the biggest hole in his head is on Immigration, a subject that has no good solutions that I've heard.

    So why is he "evil" as opposed to "imperfect"?

    Shrillery? She's an evil bitch. No argument

  2. Or as my wife says, "the evil of two lessers."

    Srsly, I'd vote for Ron Paul before Jeb – and I don't like Mr. Paul very much.

  3. Don't get too exercised yet. Eight years ago, the presumptive candidates for 2008 were Hillary and Rudy Giuliani. A lot can happen in the next year.

  4. What's wrong with Jeb Bush? From what I've seen 1) he prefers federal solutions to things rather than state or local, 2) he seems to favor another "legalize everyone who is here and then look at the borders" immigration plan, 3) he started the mess that has become Common Core and thus far has not distanced himself from it enough for my taste. 4) I'm not a fan of any dynasty, so I'm reluctant to support him because of that as well, but it is a very, very distant 4th compared to the other grounds.

    "Vote Chtulu: Why Settle for the Lesser Evil?"

  5. 2016 will be interesting as it will be wide open in the same was that 2008 was. In both cases, we'll have an unpopular presidency and no VEEP running.
    Thus, since the Dems won't really be able to run on Obama's record, expect to see either perpetual campaigners (Hillary) or D-listers running for that off chance at office (worked for Bill in '92).
    And since it is the Repub's election to lose, you're going to see the A-listers: Rand, Jeb, Ted,Chris, ect, ect. Jeb will have an advantage in Florida, which depending on NH and Iowa, may put him over the top.
    We'll see.

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