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From Theodore Dalrymple, writing in Taki’s Magazine:

America has ceased to be different from the rest of the Western world in remaining religious, with the result that politics is the new religion. It has removed transcendence and salvation from the private and personal sphere to the public realm, where it can lead only to conflict.

Well, if (according to Marx) religion is the opiate of the masses, I suppose we can update that expression to “Politics is the methamphetamine of the millenials!”  Looking at many of the Antifa/BLM demonstrators protesters rioters on our streets, it’s hard to disagree . . .



  1. As Dalrymple highlights from Arnold's work, the problem with politics as a religion is that does not provide any source of moral authority. Anyone's opinion on ethics is as good as anyone else's. Some Antifa in Portland? – just as valid as yours or mine. The woman with the swastika armband (assuming she exists)? – likewise.

  2. I had thought that sports was recently the opiate of the masses, but that may have run into a patch of potholes.

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