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From Diogenes’ Middle Finger, commenting on the Trump impeachment imbroglio:

It’s becoming quite obvious that dems pulled the trigger on impeachment before they had the goods.  This attempt is truly desperate: poorly planned from the beginning, and so poorly executed that every one of the conspirators, especially Adam Schiff, CNN’s Fredo Cuomo and Jake Tapper, MSNBC’s Ricky Maddow and Larry O’Donnell sound like used car salesman with one day left to hit their monthly quota.

Used car salesmen?  Owwww . . . but so fitting!



  1. "Used car salesmen" sums it up perfectly. "We will not tell them about the banana juice in the tranny or the blend of 90 wt. oil in the engine."

  2. Banana PEELS, gentlemen.

    Used to stuff gearboxes and differentials to make them quiet for a short time, to sell a vehicle. At least that is what I heard when hanging around my father when he was visiting various shops he dealt with. My memory is that they were discussing 2nd hand stories of various scams they had encountered in the auto business world.

    Time frame would have been 50's-60's for those conversations. When I worked on vehicles in the 70's, I did not encounter, or hear about it, so the technique may have gone away. I suspect the wide availability of junk yard parts by then made it less attractive.

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