Scott Adams on Venezuelan refugees

In the light of my first article this morning, I thought this Facebook post by Scott Adams from February 23rd, 2019 was very appropriate.

You notice Democrats are not saying we should take in Venezuelan refugees? Same reason they ended the policy that allowed Cubans to come. They do not want Hispanics who have seen what happens when their policies take effect. These Venezuelans would be Republicans like Cubans.




  1. At the risk of shameless self-promotion, I said the same thing Sept 2018.


    Similarly, the flood of refugees from collapsing-if-not-already-failed state Venezuela gets zero press. Putting on my thinking cap… could the Left’s refusing of Vietnamese refugees, and Obama changing the rules on asylum seekers from Cuba, and the zero coverage of Venezuela’s refugee exodus let alone zero call for bringing them to the US have anything to do with these three sets of refugees having first-hand experience with the Socialism that the Left seeks to bring to America – and would thus have been a real-world, human-story counterweight to the Progressives Long March towards earthly utopia?

    End quote



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