Social justice, taken to its totalitarian extreme

We’ve spoken a lot here in recent months about Social Justice Warriors and their left-wing, liberal campaign to take over science fiction and fantasy and everything connected with the field.  Of course, they have no real idea of the ultimate realization of their progressive wet dreams.  Some of us have seen those realizations . . . which is why we fight against any more of them with every fiber of our beings.

Nicki Kenyon, who blogs at The Liberty Zone and whom I’m pleased to count among my friends, has just put up a guest article at Sarah Hoyt’s blog in which she exposes what a typical SJW ‘paradise’ is really like, when all’s said and done.  She grew up in one of them.  It’s sickening to read, but very true.  I’ve seen it in action in various parts of the world, none of them salubrious.  Here’s an excerpt.

After years of indoctrination with no access to outside information, everything was normal.

Wiping with pieces of newspaper, because there was no toilet paper? Normal.

Taking a bath in dirty water that your parents brought in buckets from the machine factory across the street, heated, and poured into a bathtub, after all other members of the family “bathed” in it? Normal.

Sharing your one-bedroom apartment with another three-four person family, sleeping on the floor, or on a makeshift bed in what used to be a living room? Normal.

Getting your tonsils removed without anesthesia while you were tied to a chair with a sheet, gagging on bloody chunks of flesh as the doctor cut them out of your throat with scissors, and hearing them plop juicily into a kidney dish she held under your chin? Normal. Too bad the anesthesia didn’t take. You got your share.

Getting beaten up by your classmates on a regular basis for being a Jew? Normal.

Eating rancid soup, throwing it up, because your stomach couldn’t take it, and then hurriedly slurping up the vomit for fear that your mom would scold you for wasting food? Yeah… you guessed it. Normal.

We never thought to question it. We never considered that there was a brighter future somewhere out there. We never imagined that there were shoes that didn’t fall apart after a month, dresses that weren’t a drab brown or grey, or store shelves full of food somewhere out there. We never knew. We lived our normal, and we were brainwashed into believing it was glorious and honorable, because we all lived that normal together.

There’s much more at the link.

Go read the whole thing if you want to know where political correctness and marching in lock-step with the times will inevitably end up.  It’ll have a hard time winning, though, because Sarah, Nicki, myself and many others will fight to the death to stop it.  We know how to fight, and we know what we’re fighting against.  We won’t lie down and tamely surrender.



  1. The only group(s) of people who have tried in ernest to kill me have had "Democratic" as part of the name of their country(s). regards, Alemaster

  2. Come on Peter, we all know that's only because it(socialism/ communism/whateverism, etc.)has never been done "correctly; ie run by the "right people, meaning us…

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