The right to keep and arm bears?

Australian police found a bear stuffed with some . . . unusual filling material during a recent investigation.

The Telegraph reports:

A 23-year-old man was arrested at the scene and has been charged with unauthorised possession of a pistol, possession of unregistered firearm, and not keeping firearms safe; and unauthorised possession of a prohibited weapon, unauthorised possession of ammunition, and recklessly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

The teddy bear’s views at being so rudely violated by the searchers weren’t recorded.



  1. I'm suspecting that this is continued fallout from the March 2012 bust of a handgun smuggling ring –
    At that time police recovered a Glock from a drive-by shooting suspect, and in tracing its origin discovered it had been sold as art of a lot of 300 handguns in Germany. German shippers were taking apart the guns into small innocuous looking pieces, and shipping the pieces separately to Australia with plausible innocuous customs form descriptions. Some 244 of 300 were already in Aus by the time of the bust, and they got all the records of the operation from both ends. 116 of those were still at large as of march this year.

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