Some people truly are a waste of oxygen

This man appears to be one of them.

Three people were arrested by Kennewick police on Labor Day for having methamphetamine, including a man allegedly caught in a compromising position with an injured beaver.

. . .

The beaver was hit by a car sometime Monday night, and a woman who found it ran home for a box so she could transport the injured animal to a veterinarian, according to Sgt. Aaron Clem.

The woman reportedly returned to the Kennewick park to find a man lying next to the beaver.

She wondered if the man, later identified as Delp, was comforting with the animal, said Clem. But then she realized he was partially clothed.

The animal may have still been alive at that point, but it was dead when officers arrived in the park.

There’s more at the link.

One can’t help regretting that the beaver was evidently too badly injured to use its well-developed teeth on the perpetrator – preferably on the offending portion of his anatomy.  That would truly have been poetic justice.  As it is, one hopes that the perp’s cellmates hear about why he’s behind bars.  They’re likely to make his life a living hell if they do – which would also be poetic justice, IMHO.  Some things are just too gross for words.

Whatever happens, we don’t need people like that on our streets.  If he isn’t in prison, he probably should be locked up in an asylum.



  1. This is a direct effect of closing down the mental institutions in this country. The man is sick in the head. There's no way a man like that can function in society, but thanks to the enlightened Left there's no place to put him where he's not a danger to himself or others.

    A big chunk of the homeless in this country are mentally ill and incapable of dealing with any kind of modern society. We need to re-open the institutions that used to exist to help people like him. But by shutting them down, we've turned a mental health issue into a law-enforcement issue, and that has led to a cascade of negative results.

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