That bear again . . .

Some of you will remember this well-known Australian commercial for John West salmon.

Courtesy of an e-mail from J. B., I learned there was a follow-up.

Intrigued, I checked on YouTube, and yes – there’s a third.

When they see these, I think Miss D. and Rev. Paul will be making dark (and rather rude) noises about what’s likely to happen to anyone fool enough to really try to get between an Alaskan brown bear and its salmon dinner . . . but they’re still cute!



  1. Great imagination, total stupidity in real life… I lost a co-pilot to a bear on Kodiak a number of years ago. He was told NOT to go jogging, went anyway, and didn't come back…

  2. As Peter noted, these are Australian ads. WIth all the deadly critters in Oz, you don't think we are going to be concerned about a little old bear, do you?

    Lethal snakes, spiders, jelly-fish – even the cute and cuddly kangaroos will gut you with their hind legs if you get too close.

    And that doesn't include the drop-bears and hoop-snakes that we are always reminding tourists to watch out for.

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