The first, last and only word on Hillary’s candidacy

Hillary’s past is full of scandals – but none of them count as much, in my opinion, as this.

Not only did she callously abandon our Ambassador to Libya and others to be murdered, she then proceeded to shame their memories and our nation by asking “What difference, at this point, does it make?

Hillary for President?  No.  Never.  If she’s elected, it will shame the United States in the eyes of the world – as it should, if our electorate is deaf, dumb and blind enough to vote for her.



  1. Problem is, half the people in this country either don't know, or don't care. Literally- ask them about Benghazi, they think it is a new Greek restaurant.

  2. The news sources I've seen indicate Ambassador Stevens died as a result of smoke inhalation in the fire. Is there contrary information that I'm unaware of?

  3. Well as I no longer believe that "we the sheeple" have any actual choice in who "wins" the rigged national selection of the Imperial figure head; and as I believe that the "one party system" has already selected. Then it follows that it really makes no "difference" in any way who "wins" as NOTHING will be changed in any way by the phony Federal "elections". The federal Government could care less what we think. They only care that we obey. Clinton? Clinton is a thing to keep the sheep milling around the slaughter pen while the butchers do their bloody work. Just like Paul and Bush and Rubio. Who wins? WHO CARES! It will make no difference at all in the policy or actions of Amerika.—Ray

  4. I have plenty of reasons to vote against Clinton. But Benghazi isn't one of them.
    Stevens was a member of the group that has brought rape, torture and death to millions in the Middle East. On the day he died he was working with Turkey to smuggle weapons to the groups that eventually became ISIS.
    I will not shed a tear for government thugs and mercenaries who die while meddling in some other country. There are too many good Americans being abused in our nation, by our government today for me to worry about scum such as Stevens.

  5. She is almost inevitable based on pure demographics alone.

    With the current invasion being supervised by the Obama regime, and with many states now handing out driver's licenses to illegals (which inevitably and in some cases by state law registers them to vote) no matter how bad she is, she has a very good chance of winning.


  6. This is an extremely interesting book- terrifying, really, in the light of what we know today.
    The adventures of a machine tool salesman with prior military service, asked by the CIA to help set up a clandestine M16 factory in Arkansas to supply the contras. This is long before Clinton or Bush 2 was in office- At that time they were Governors.

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