The revolutionary communist takeover of the US Democratic Party


I’m obliged to The Last Refuge for an excellent analysis of what we’re seeing right now in the Democratic Party.  It’s very important reading for anyone who wants to understand why the November 2020 elections were stolen by the extreme progressive left, and what that implies for our future.

Throughout the first decade of this millennium there was an ideological shift, an inflection point, that became most clear in the rise of a little known state representative who was appointed to become a Senator from Illinois, his name was Barack Obama.  In the background of Obama’s rise were the people who designed the modern political left. Those Obama creationists were/are hardline revolutionary communist types.

This RevCom group was comprised of the more radical elements of the progressive movement; those who wanted to “fundamentally change” the United States, and who have a very patient and methodical plan to do so.  Those elements took control by convincing the far-left labor movement to abandon the traditional Democrat apparatus and support a more radical approach.  The SEIU, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, UAW, UFCW and others were leveraged to this position through promised financial benefit if they went along.

Those groups became the more powerful ammunition needed by the radical community activist teams, which were entirely on the side of Obama.  Hillary Clinton’s first run for the presidency was crushed under the weight of the leverage all of the radicals aligned on the Obama side.  Clinton was only left with the option to support the extremists in exchange for support in 2016.

However, the support she received was not full-throated.  The ideological hatred that was created during the earlier inflection point, when the camps were at war, left scars.  Those scars never healed; and, quite frankly the radicals were not going to support someone they just didn’t like.

Radical footsoldiers operate best on feelings and emotions. Clinton just didn’t do it for them…  One by one the traditional democrat left was wiped out by the more extreme radical leftists.  [Remember the destruction of the Bart Stupak “blue dogs”?]

Fast forward to today, very recently, and what we are seeing is the outcome of the radical-left in complete control over the internal club systems and political party apparatus.  It took some time for this takeover to matriculate.

We are there now…. and into this far-left soup of radical elements the new left-wing media is mixed.  The media are now activists for the radicals.  This is why there is a more brutally obvious bias present today that was not present before.  The bias was always present, but the scale of the ideological nature of the bias was not always as visible.  Today the ideological support is crystal clear.

The issue for the Andrew Cuomo’s of the world is inherently a matter of club selection.  Barack Obama, meaning the people behind the Obama system of radical elements, was the decision-maker in the 2020 Democrat primary race.

Team Obama selected Joe Biden specifically because he was controllable; extremely controllable and almost cognitively disconnected from any functional capabilities.  Team Obama also selected and installed Kamala Harris as the Vice President with the intent to use her as the substantive and moldable ally.

When Biden is removed, willingly or by political power, the radicals are planning to use Kamala to continue their “fundamental change” priorities.  Biden is being thrown upon the spears of those who want to defend against the attack of the radicals.  The extreme policies we are seeing come from the Biden administration are being assigned to him specifically because he is disposable.  The radicals do not care about public opinion of the policies or outcomes because they have Biden in place to absorb all the negative attachments.

Kamala Harris is the key to seeing the hidden hand of the Obama control agents at work.  Harris’s associations are Obama’s associations.  Harris’s crew is Obama’s crew.  Anyone who is not Harris; and who carries a perspective of potential political influence; is now a thorn in the agenda.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was rising in influence, as a result he must be eliminated in order to retain the exclusive position of Kamala Harris as heir to the radical agenda.

Watch over the next several weeks, months and years and you will see prominent Democrats left with a decision…. Support Harris (meaning those behind her) and the RevCom agenda, OR be targeted for removal by the new radical system that includes a willing media taking targeting orders from the club.

That is what is going on…

There’s more at the link.

I urge you to click over to the Revolutionary Communist Party’s Web site and read their agenda for yourself.  It’s clearly echoed in the public statements of many progressive politicians.  Note, too, their “cult of personality” around their leader.  Does that remind you of the “light-bringer” cult that was built up around President Obama?  It should.

I’ve fought Communism in more than one country, over an extended period of time.  I’d thought that, in my old age, I could relax and hand on the fight to others.  It looks like I was wrong.  Oh, well.  A lot of Communists and their followers have tried to kill me over the years.  I’m still here, as are many other veterans of hot zones in the Cold War.  I guess the ideological descendants of those Communists are going to have another go at us, and people like us.  Well, we may be old farts now, but I think we can still pull a rabbit or two out of the hat if we have to . . .



  1. I have been saying this for almost a year, on my blog and in other places. Even those who are nominally on my side have told me that I am alarmist, reactionary, and paranoid.

    I believe Tam even said, "Ow, my sides" when I pointed it out.

  2. And… the Communists are being actively supported by the billionaire class. Goes a bit beyond just selling rope to them.
    Gotta think the rich and powerful see the Communist revolutionaries as pawns in a greater game that'll end with a transnational corporatist / neofeudal world state, but I kinda doubt they really know how to stop riding that tiger.
    BTW, referring to that party as "Democratic" is clearly absurd nowadays. I suggest "Deimocratic", from the root "Deimos", which seems a better match.

  3. The US Communist party has been endorsing the Democratic candidate for the last 4 elections. Why is this now a news item along side David Duke supposedly supporting the GOP?

  4. B. Hussein Obama grew up an a Marxist Muslim country and began his political career in the home of a communist revolutionary.
    Hillary Clinton interned under a communist revolutionary.
    BJ Clinton spent a college year in the Soviet Union.
    Bernie Sanders (a member of the Socialist Party) and his wife vacationed in the Soviet Union.
    Teddy Kennedy asked the Soviets for help defeating Reagan.
    Jimmy carter asked the Soviets for help defeating Reagan.

  5. The Left is insane, but they're not stupid. Boiling the frog slowly.

    But recall, these people are TRUE BELIEVERS in the idea that they can create a Socialist Utopia (despite past failures).

    This is a religious war, not a political or economic war. As The Smallest Minority pointed out in another post you referenced, this is their FAITH. And the sooner we grasp that we face Marxianic Jihadists, the better.

  6. The filthy maggot tribe swill own the Democrat party.

    The Democrats merely dance to the tune of their owners!!!

  7. Socialist Utopia is and has always been cover. Raw power is the end goal. Someone will get it the others will be purged as always.

  8. Consider, if you will, the idea that Barack Obama was created and mentored by a communist operative who shepherded him into a power structure that included the U.S. Presidency.

    Where are the others?

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