This is so over the top, it might as well be Bollywood!

I laughed out loud on viewing the trailer for the new Vin Diesel movie, ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage‘.  It’s so over-the-top in almost every way that it could come from any of the Bollywood movies we’ve profiled here over the past few weeks.  See for yourself.

Some of those scenes are so ridiculous, I’ve already said to Miss D. that we need to plan on watching that together.  Neither of us are movie addicts, to put it mildly (the last time we went to a movie together was to watch ‘Act of Valor’, back in 2012, about which I wrote here), but this looks like it’ll be a hoot.

(No, I’m not advertising the movie.  I merely have a well-developed sense of the ridiculous!)



  1. Oh, ah, ha, haha, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa.

    (Sptingggg, ting, bling, ting, whicka, thump)

    Wow, just totally lost my grasp of physics and reality.

    And, hey, look, I just suspended my disbelief.

    I am now ready to embrace the awesome. (Or the suck, whichever it is.)

  2. If this appeals you just might want to check out Deadpoot if you haven't already.
    Rather raunchy, but still a giggle fit and a half.

  3. Deadpool is great, reading up a bit on how it was created first or before re-watching it (my recommendation) really adds to the experience as you'll get many of the inside jabs.

    I've added this one to my list of ones to watch.

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