Urban battle rattle?

I found this image on Gab yesterday.  (Clickit to biggit.)

I presume it’s riffing off the New York Times’ suggestion that Hawaiian shirts have somehow become associated with the “boogaloo” movement – something I’m not certain is any more than progressive angst.  As for being associated with armed people, well, yes, the pattern and loose cut of Hawaiian shirts does help to disguise the fact that one may have a gun underneath it.  That’s very useful to those of us with concealed carry permits.  Sadly, following the NYT’s article, the shirts are likely to be of no further value for that, because too many people will associate them with armed men – thus nullifying their concealment utility.

Nevertheless, considering that my buddy Lawdog is renowned for his Hawaiian shirts (having even, on occasion, worn them while dispensing his well-known – and frequently very amusing – brand of justice), I think he should sue for law enforcement and tactical copyright infringement!



  1. There's even a company (OAF Nation. OAF in this case standing for 'Operator As F***) that makes them in Rhodesian Brushstroke. They also make them with various guns and such (grenades, mortars) as part of the pattern.

  2. I’ve occasionally described myself in online conversation as wearing suburban-pattern camouflage: shorts and a polo shirt. I blend in just fine.

  3. In Texas, the "fishing" shirts are common. I wonder why?

    This an example,from Columbia:

    They are lightwheight, vented on the back, dry fast and very comfortable. And, are meant to be worn loose.

  4. A Lawdog legal filing would run about 22 pages, encopmassing archaic words, adult concepts, humor, and devastating direct statements. Any receiving judge might gaze upon the the magisterial construction and find for plaintiff out of sheer enjoyment.

  5. Peter, Lawdog has been running silent for far too long… could you plead our case, that we're in dire need of his prose and story-telling! As to concealment, I tend to run with loose, long-tailed T-shirts, when a jacket isnt suitable…

  6. It's because leftists don't have a sense of humor.
    The "boogaloo" was an internet meme. It was a fricking joke aimed at the concept that middle class suburbanites were itching to start a civil war.
    (Just like the OK sign meaning "white power" was mockery at the expense of idiots who see racism everywhere.)

  7. The "boogaloo" name came, in part, from 4chan and other online communities, mostly as snark/jokes. Some (not the majority) of those folks went in on it as their "secret" term for racial war, followed by more who were pushing it as "edgy" humor. (Much like the whole "OK sybmol = racist dogwhistle" derpery.)

    The Hawaiian shirt part is based on video games, of course – the main protagonist (and title character) in Max Payne 3 wore a nice Hawaiian shirt throughout something like 1/3rd or more of the game – a shirt that is actually available in real life (spendy if you bought from the game company, less so if you source it from the original manufacturer). (I actually own and wear one regularly.) Further back, the protagonist of the original Far Cry spent nearly the whole game in a generic Hawaiian shirt. (MP3 was 2012, and FC1 was 2004.)

    Of course, once you add in other media, you track it back directly to one of the cornerstones: Magnum PI. Big macho ex-SEAL, doing TV-detective action – that kickstarts the whole mem big-time.

    This combines with the "dadpat" meme, which came from civilian-clothed operators, mainly security or spec-ops folks, in the Mideast, and which really caught on after "Sicario", with the extradition team's trip to Ciudad Juarez.

    Mix well, add in more Internet denizens who are buying into the whole mess as serious or humorous, expose to people who don't see (or won't accept) the ridiculousness, and, well, you get pearl-clutching NYT articles, and humorless Feds taking the gag at face value and putting out alerts.

    If you dig around, you can even find "boogaloo achievement" memes, detailing utterly ridiculous things that can be done – one of them is something about getting a bear companion, which goes directly to Far Cry 5, where you can get Cheeseburger, the diabetic grizzly, by completing a specific mission set; you will then have a great big furbaby to chase and maul enemies.

    Same kind of silliness as the original zombie memery, which was also (minorly) co-opted by Internet racists, and subsequently subjected to PSH (Pants-S***ing Horror) by those who really should have known better.

    Lotta words for "herp derp they believe 4channers LOL". :V

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