Voter fraud in action, in Florida

So much for voter fraud being a figment of our imaginations . . .  Go read about the experience of a Florida blogger.

That’s just in one city, in one state.  I’ve heard of more examples from several other states.  Voter fraud is widespread, it’s going on right now, and it may be enough to provide the ‘margin of cheat’ to ensure the outcome of this election, regardless of the will of the people.



  1. I think he is right about the voter absentee fraud, but he needs to take it a step further. Page one said that "I pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton", but he doesn't mention pages two or three. Do they say, "this is a vote for Hillary Clinton", with the name, address, and signature?


  2. Alas to see how widespread voter fraud is you just have to see how batshit one party gets when you proposes even taxpayer provided photo ID requirements.

  3. Add in the blatant corruption exposed on the Veritas (James o'Keefe) video yesterday, and you see the modern Evil party. Hiring homeless winos or violent felons to go stand in line at Trump rallies and instigate fights? Making sure they send people to every Trump or Pence appearance to start fights?

  4. What you're saying, without wanting to, Peter, is to get your ammo stocks up now, before the election panic, for the coming civil war…..

  5. Anyone comes to the door, your first question through the closed and locked door is, "what is your name?"
    Next, "Who do you work for?"
    "Please hold your ID up to the window."

    If you are satisfied, open the door and take pictures of them and their ID.

    Anyone hinky will be long gone before the camera comes out.

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