Warnings over Ukraine and NATO were given for years – and ignored. Why? Who was responsible?


There’s a very interesting Twitter thread by Arnaud Bertrand (which can be more easily scanned on Threadreader) pointing out how many experts warned for years that Russia would not – could not – tolerate NATO membership for Ukraine.

Most fascinating thing about the Ukraine war is the sheer number of top strategic thinkers who warned for years that it was coming if we continued down the same path.

No-one listened to them and here we are.

. . .

It’s fair to say there has rarely been a conflict that so many strategic thinkers from the other camp saw coming and warned against for so many years, yet had their advice ignored.

This begs the question: why?

There’s more at the link, including supporting evidence such as documents, videos, etc.

I’m not going to copy all of the warnings and insights provided in the thread;  but I do highly recommend that you click over there and read them for yourself.  They raise a very important question.  If so many warnings were given – by experts who were recognized in their field, and whose track record was exemplary – why were those warnings ignored?  From whence came the constant, unrelenting pressure to draw Ukraine into NATO, and why?  Was this conflict deliberately engineered?

Was this entire affair, and the current war in Ukraine, stage-managed by the same globalist oligarchs who tried to use COVID-19 to suppress freedom and individual rights worldwide?  Was it a backup plan, to cause a war to use as a pretext to do the same thing if COVID-19 didn’t succeed in doing so?  And – more importantly – what if it’s just another domino in a string of dominos that they’ve prepared, so that if one falls and fails, another will be triggered, and so on and so on until they achieve their goals?

This may sound like a conspiracy theory.  I simply don’t know.  On the other hand, I put together the COVID-19 catastrophe, followed by what looks more and more like a deliberately engineered war in Ukraine, and now the doom-and-gloom warnings about climate change that have suddenly been given new impetus, and I see precisely the same root to all the solutions proposed for all of them – namely, more government control, less individual freedom.  I’m looking for more such carefully-prepared and engineered dominos to fall, exemplified by the World Economic Forum’s list of “global risks”, all of which can only be “solved” (according to the guidance of the “experts”) by increasing government power and decreasing individual liberty.  If I see the latter, I’m going to suspect the former.  It’s as simple as that.  (The recent treatment of the trucker protests by the Canadian government is a great example.)

What say you, readers?  Am I taking this too far, or is this a widespread perception?



  1. Welcome aboard.
    While I don't credit the globalist-powers-that-be with an excess of competence and good sense, I do think about 75% is engineered evil and 25% fumbling stupidity seasoned with an excess of narcissistic egomania.

    I don't think they always are terribly precise, but are more like psychopaths shooting into a crowd. They are bound to hit someone, and they really just want the panic.

  2. Excusing Putin's evil and ambitions doesn't mean ignoring his reality. His Ukraine issue differs from our Castro Cuba how?

  3. I agree with the first two comments except I think an armed, NATO supported Ukraine is far more threatening to Russia than a Cuba armed with worn out, corroded, 1960s vintage Soviet cast-off arms.

    I will go out on a limb and say it is fifty-to-one-hundred times more threatening. There are still Russians alive who remember Germany invading "Russia". This is not academic to them.

  4. Putin may be a villain, but he's not the guy who started this Ukraine business. After all the craziness I've witnessed over the last 20 years, I now believe there is some kind of evil conspiracy. If Putin can take them down, it will rehabilitate his reputation pretty quick.

  5. Beer flu disrupted supply chains, raising prices and reducing food and fuel supplies.

    War disrupted supply chains, raising prices and reducing food and fuel supplies.

    "Climate change" will disrupt supply chains, raising prices and reducing food and fuel supplies in 3… 2… 1… (Note the $13 billion just allocated to "electric vehicle infrastructure", without adding one watt-hour to reliable generation.)

  6. The difference between "conspiracy theory" and cold hard fact is now about a week and a half. Our rulers are profoundly evil, so "They would never do X" is a bad bet to take, for all values of X.

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