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It looks like I’m not the only SF/F author and/or reader and/or fan who found the comments of a senior editor at Tor to be completely unacceptable (see my previous post for details).  I see that over the past day or so, since I put up that article:

  • Top authors such as Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, Sarah Hoyt, Brad Torgerson and others have also responded (most very negatively);
  • SF/F fans are frothing at the mouth over the latest loony-left nonsense;
  • Calls for boycotts of Tor Books and Tor.com (or stated intentions by individuals to boycott their products) are popping up everywhere.

I recommend the following articles as further reading on the matter.

There are many more, but I think those three summarize things nicely.  Don’t neglect the comments from readers:  also the (very lengthy list of) comments by readers of the Facebook thread that started this whole thing.

I’ve had a couple of threatening e-mails from supporters of Ms. Gallo’s position, warning me that if I (and/or other indie authors) call for a boycott of Tor books, they’ll call for a boycott of my/our books in return.  This made me laugh out loud.  As those of you who’ve read my books will know, I don’t think I can be described as ‘progressive’ or ‘SJW’.  Heck, read the header of this blog – it’ll tell you in a nutshell my position on most things!  I have grave doubts whether readers of the progressive persuasion have ever bought my books – so why would a boycott from that part of the reading spectrum hold any fears for me?

No.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that the problem lies in the corporate culture that’s taken over at Tor Books and Tor.com.  Four individuals currently or previously associated with Tor’s management and publishing activities at a senior level have now made statements that I can only regard as biased beyond logical comprehension.  They are Patrick Nielsen Hayden (manager of science fiction books at Tor);  his wife Teresa Nielsen Hayden (listed by Wikipedia as a ‘consulting editor’ for Tor Books, and formerly a senior editor there – also the publisher of the well-known web log and forum ‘Making Light’);  Moshe Feder (also a consulting editor for Tor Books);  and Irene Gallo (Associate Publisher of Tor.com and Creative Director of Tor Books).  Certain Tor-published authors, primarily John Scalzi but also including others, have spouted the ‘party line’ in their support and/or on their own account as well.

There’s an old military saying when bad things happen:  “Once may be an accident.  Twice may be coincidence.  Three or more times is enemy action.”  In the same way, I could understand one senior Tor representative holding such views.  I might even accept two.  Four is too many.  This is not coincidence.  It’s concerted, organized, deliberate enemy action.  Tor as a publisher appears to either espouse, or tolerate (and actively encourage), views like this.  The utterances of these individuals appear to indicate that the company supports lies, slander, libel and viciousness as debating and/or promotional tactics.  I hope that the reality belies that appearance;  but that’s for Tor to say, not me – and back up their words with actions.  Weasel words will no longer be acceptable in any way, shape or form.


Don’t show me a pool of water and tell me it’s good to drink.  When the water’s brown and turgid, when it stinks to high heaven, and when there are turds floating around on the surface, that’s not a pool.  That’s a cesspool.  With all the evidence of the public statements and conduct of the individuals I’ve named above, don’t tell me these are their individual opinions and have nothing to do with Tor.  Not only will I refuse to believe you;  I’ll laugh in your face.  All the publicly available evidence gives such protestations the lie.

I repeat what I said earlier.  I await Tor’s response with interest.  I’ll let you know about it here if they provide one.  Also, McMillan owns Tor, so I’ll be asking McMillan for their response as well.  Let’s see what they have to say.



  1. These are dangerous sentiments to share without the protections of anonymity – certain people have been known to say and do all sorts of things about their enemies.

    Might be an idea to phone up the in-laws to let them know you've cheesed off some scum with a history of spreading creative rumours.

  2. I just sent an email, to the head of MacMillan, their Code of Conduct Compliance office, their Chief of Fiction Publicity, their VP/HR for North America. . .and Tom Doherty.

    I suspect MANY such emails were sent today. . .

  3. This episode with TOR will play out hopefully to the demise of at least 4 careers at TOR. However, I can't help pointing out that TOR is only a tiny fraction of this attitude that is invading most of the entertainment industry. That includes the press. It is nothing but a relentless pounding of the progressive talking points. Any least bit of resistance is met with near or actual violence. I'm narrowing down who I spend with to the point that I'm spending very little.

  4. I used to read Scalzi's website. Even though I didn't agree with his politics it was thought provoking. But then he got…strange…when Obama ran.

  5. Well, Tor, it's been… something, I guess.
    Anyway, I'll sit back and wait a few years.
    There's a good chance they'll be sold off, probably to Vox Day by then.

  6. I have seen comments elsewhere that people shouldn't stop buying Tor books because authors that publish with them would be losing income and it's not the authors fault. What a load of rubbish. Any author under contract with Tor isn't in any more danger of lost income than they were before all this started. The best way to help Tor authors and not help Tor is to buy works from independent authors that you like. The more viable the independent market is the more likely authors that lose a contract with Tor would be willing to enter the independent market.

  7. Coconut brings up an interesting point, and I'd expand it to notifying your local law enforcement, so you aren't a victim of a SWATing. That's been one of the tactics from the left side against those the left side hates.

    — Steve

  8. Peter, I hope you don't mind me adding my own link here. I think I have a few comments that the others missed. In particular, how one of those "extreme right-wing to neo-nazi" types who is nominated for "bad-to-reprehensible" works actually paid her a high compliment for her work just a month before she pulled this mess.


  9. For myself, I will no longer purchase the Tor books that I normally would – Weber and Modesitt in particular. Instead, I've purchased your Laredo books. I'll wait for the others to show at Bookman's used books, where I can avoid providing Tor with any income.

    Tor, you've just lost ~$150 a year (I like hardbound books). Unnoticeable, surely, but how many more will you lose?

  10. Can you provide a link to the comments by Moshe Feder that you mention? I've been unable to track them down. Thanks in advance!

  11. @rrrfsf: You'll find most of them as comments on other blogs, on Facebook, etc. Some have been 'scrubbed' since the scandal got out of hand. A few examples (read the comments as well as the articles):

    His Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/moshemf

    His Google Plus page: https://plus.google.com/+MosheFeder/posts

    This Facebook article (and comments below it): https://www.facebook.com/feder/posts/10206972436613174

    A comment by Dr Mauser here: http://monsterhunternation.com/2015/04/07/addendum-to-yesterdays-letter/
    look for the post beginning with the words "I don’t know how to link to Facebook comments".)

    I don't have time to look for more, but many have been referenced by others. You'll find them.

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