A Smart car – offroad???

I was amused to come across an advertisement where a Smart car was ‘demonstrated’ driving offroad.  Here it is, to set the scene before I continue.

Intrigued, I wondered whether anyone had actually tried to use the Smart car offroad.  Turns out lots of people have – YouTube has many videos about it.  Here’s one from a Russian user.

That wasn’t very successful, was it?  This gentleman had a better idea – he fitted tracks to his Smart car.  Just look at the difference they made!

So, I guess you can make the Smart car into at least a moderately usable offroad vehicle, given enough time, effort and money!  Whether that’s a good idea or not is up to you, I guess . . .



  1. I've taken various small cars onto jeep trails on dry days, including a Chevette, a Nissan Micra, and an MGB.

    The narrow track makes the ruts not so much of a problem. The best part is the look you get from quad bikers when they round the bend and see you oncoming some 7 or 8 miles into the bush.

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