Donors supporting Antifa?

A tweet from Jack Posobiec provides this list of donors allegedly supporting UEAA (United for Equality and Affirmative Action) and the Antifa-supporting group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary).  Click the image for a larger view.

Obviously, this is from a partisan source;  and clearly, I’m not in a position to confirm that the names on the list are actually supporters of the causes and groups named above.  If anyone can do the latter in Comments, providing sources, please do so.

Nevertheless, the names of a lot of the ‘usual suspects’ appear on the list.  I suggest that those of us with our heads screwed on straight should take them into account when we decide where to send our own support (not to mention who to believe about the current political mess in this country).



  1. I have suspicions about this list. The `committee to elect sharon mcphail'- even though she is a sleazy leftist opportunist,she hasnt run for elective office since 2005.

  2. The list is from their donations page:

    Bamm issues:
    – Racism
    – Defends affirmative action
    – Immigrant rights
    – Black Lives Matters

    Seemed to have been started in 1995, so 22 years old, when California passed an initiative against using race in college admissions. Actions take place in the court and on the street.

    And with the court cases they have supported, I am not surprised they have got some brand name donations.

    Wikipedia on them:

    What is their ideology?
    I read something that Bamm is based on some Trotskyite ideology.

    What I am more interested in, is who is Antifa? Who is supporting them? They seem to have some major money behind them. Rumors in Germany they pay protestors, even have bar code readers on buses as a time card system.

    Antifafa started in Germany. Uses the names of communist groups that fought street battles against the Nazis pre WW2. And now has chapters in several countries.

    Vox has stated they seem to have common tactics used in Europe.

    And I read elsewhere, that the far left and right are being supported by our Russian "Friends".

    And Soro's name keeps on popping up with left wing groups.

    Confused on who is behind this, and I wish there was more out there.

    May be antifafa is a small group of individuals that with the cheap cost of transportation can congregate in mass, or ? I wish there was some more real investigate reporting going on.

    Another Anon

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