Election rivalry, Texas style

I had to laugh at political rivalry in Limestone, Texas (south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex).

It all started when local Democrats rented a billboard to display this poster.

Unfortunately, they ignored the vacant billboard below it.  Local Republicans didn’t.  $1,200 in billboard rental later:

I daresay the situation has been reversed in other localities. If you know of examples where one political party has out-billboarded the other, let us know in Comments, with a link if possible. We may as well have something to laugh about in this overly nasty election season!



  1. I canna help you, for I live in a very rural county, and we have none of these signs. Not enough eyeballs, doncha know. DANG!!!!!

  2. And this is a great example of where the energy is in this campaign. The people are told that Biden is winning by the press, but the public SEE the energy is in the Trump team. Sleepy Joe, what a joke that man is.

  3. Master troll level.

    I love posting these kind of images on facebook. It's about the only thing it's good for – funny images and videos.

    Facebook wouldn't let me post the link. It kept stripping it out. Let me post the image. We'll see if it sticks.

    You do something to catch the jaundiced eye of the zuckerborg?

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