Halloween may be more scary than usual this year . . .

. . . thanks to Big Brother mishandling entitlements.

Neil Cavuto isn’t the only one predicting trouble;  so is the head of New York City’s food bank.

I’m going to make sure that (as usual) I’m prepared for any problems that may arise. I frankly don’t expect much where I live – people here are too well armed, and the ‘entitlement classes’ know it – but I wouldn’t like to be in inner-city New York, or Chicago, or Philadelphia if this goes down.



  1. Typical.
    Give us more funding or there will be riots.

    And they have the gall to accuse conservatives of sedition.

  2. Yeah, I plan for this…I live too close to Chicago.

    I figure 2 weeks before they come here.

    But then again, I have range cards for the entire area……

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