Let’s take an immigration policy lesson from the Clintons!

This Clinton, to be precise – in 1995.

So, is anything President Trump doing today to deal with illegal aliens different from what President Clinton was proposing more than two decades ago?

(A tip o’ the hat to Pawpaw for finding the video.)



  1. There is one VERY significant difference between Trump, and Bill or Hillary or Obama or Schumer or any of the other Leftists who said the same thing…

    NOBODY thought ANY of them were serious, and they're scared sh*tless that Trump IS serious.

  2. It has been suggested elsewhere that Donald Trump pay for running that video clip as an advertisement and end it with "I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message."

  3. Bill Clinton also pounded the pulpit his entire final year over the need to intervene in Iraq over Saddam Hussain's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" ™, fat lot of good it ever did to show that to the "Bush lied people died" crowd.

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