Courtesy of Watts Up With That:

After this, it might be a while until climate activists try glueing themselves to anything in France.

Activists should do their research before pulling a stunt like that. US and UK police might be soft on disruptive protestors, but there are some police forces you just don’t mess with.

No s***, Sherlock!!!

A friend of mine commented, upon watching that video clip, that it was “quite delightful!”



  1. The response was due to discovering that the superglue did NOT adhere the hand to the far too porous roadway. Now, IF it hand been polished marble, or finely finished metal, or smooth glass, yeah, that would work- but NOT for a roadway.

  2. Most excellent.

    I believe the French officer responded something to the effect of: "Vous avez baisé et vous découvrez.", French for "You f'd around, and you found out.

  3. Take two protestors, cross their arms behind their backs, glue opposing palms and fingers from one to the other L to L, R to R. Now go protest.

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