Sounds like a war to me

The likely winner of Mexico’s imminent presidential elections appears to have declared war on US sovereignty.

Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called for mass immigration to the United States during a speech Tuesday declaring it a “human right” for all North Americans.

“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”

He then declared it as “a human right we will defend,” reports.

While the election is not until July 1, Obrador is by far the frontrunner.

There’s more at the link.

If Mr. Obrador follows through on his threat, the Wall won’t be anything like adequate.  Minefields, barbed wire, Claymore mines and robotic weapons turrets will be more like it.  There won’t be any other way to stop what will be, in effect, “human wave” attacks on the US border.

If it comes to that, I’m likely to be very grateful that we have President Trump in charge, and General Mattis as his Secretary of Defense.  At least they won’t hesitate to defend this nation’s sovereignty.  If Clinton had won, she’d simply roll over and surrender.

Better brace yourselves, folks.  This could turn nasty.  Oh – and if you live within a couple hundred miles of the border, stock up on firearms and ammunition while you can.  You may need them.



  1. It's probably not really as bad as all that.

    Like looters in riots, you only have to shoot the first one in the head.

    That generally takes the wind out of everyone else's sails, and they find other options, most of them centered around not getting their heads all exploded, and staying home.

    And in the modern social media age, we don't even have to kill anybody; just post a picture of one such notional border crosser, with the bullet hole SFX'ed right into place, send out the tweet, and let ripples in the electronic pond do the rest.

    As Calvin said to Hobbes about the monsters under the bed,
    "They lie. I lie."

    And if Obrador wants to be the shortest-term president in Mexico in a century, and see what Show & Awe regime change looks like from the pointy end, he's going about it the right way.

    And neither the CIA nor the Marines are shy about dropping in personally to liven things up for him right at home, if necessary.

    So keep yapping about bringing us "the mother of all immigrant hordes", and see how that plays out for you when the jets don't even need a carrier, they can just stage out of Miramar, Davis-Monthan, and Lackland. The guys at Whiteman can pretty much get to Guatemala and back on less than half a tank.

    It's also often pointed out that Mexico City and Cancun are closer to Dallas than is Washington DC.

    Word to su madre: so are the 1st Armored and 1st Cav Divisions, and opposed by the entire might of the mighty Mexican Army, both brigades, they'd be eating burritos in the capitol NLT Tuesday luncheon. Wednesday if they stopped for gas.

    It'd never get that bad, though. We'd just sanitize a five-mile wide corridor along the border, push everybody south of it in perpetuity, sew it silly with landmines, and sit back and call in the occasional artillery mission.

    Course, we'd probably have to sort everyone here, for national security reasons, and the detainees could look forward to long hot summers in football stadiums while the background checks were processed.

    Probably be a booming market for other kids from minority 'hoods to get the newly vacant jobs at Taco Bell and Mickey Ds.

    Call that toss in the air, idiotas.

  2. Mr. Obrador has a tough row to hoe here, though being a committed socialist he can be expected to work to put in place the economic and other conditions necessary to convince Mexican "immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.” Like most such changes, this will take place in a gradual ramping up of numbers as domestic Mexican conditions worsen.

    No "human wave" IOW, unless the US actually can create a log jam effect along the length of the border so as to build up a backlog of people wanting to invade the US. I believe this is often referred to as being "hoist by his own petard". I'm confident that won't happen.

    This statement does give rise to speculation about the old meme, "what if you could go back in time and kill …". In this instance, no time machine is needed.

    Build the wall, then do something about the leakers. No "Minefields, barbed wire, Claymore mines and robotic weapons turrets" needed. If we do wind up going for that option, you always want to forward deploy your combat assets as deeply into the enemy's territory as possible.

  3. Any chance this twerp is plotting a Grand Fenwick strategy? Start a war with the US, lose, and get reconstructed? Because that's the only scenario I can think of that's going to end well for Mexico.

  4. We had robotic mines 25 years ago. I'm not sure what happened to the program, but they worked pretty well back then.

    Build the wall. Make it simple post and wire on the border, with a 100 meter death strip and a 10' concrete wall on our side. Place guard towers (with automatic weapons) every 300 meters. Shoot anybody who tries to climb the fence, or is in the death strip.

    Illegal immigration will drop dramatically, immediately after this policy is implemented.

  5. This story makes me think of the plot points of a couple of novels I have read, 'Caliphate' by Tom Kratman (available as a free e-book on Baen Books' website), and the first book in the 'World War III' series by James Rosone (available on Amazon Kindle). In both novels, destabilization of Mexico (by drug cartels in the first book and ISIS in the second), resulted in an armed response by the US, with similar results as described by the earlier commentators.
    Still, gonna be interesting to see what happens.

  6. A simple solution. If Senor Obrador sends his human wave at us institute the Tax Man level (1 for you 19 for me i.e. 95%) of tax on remittances to Mexico. U.S. Remittances are some huge portion (20% maybe 25%?) of the Mexican GDP. Also put a HUGE tariff on mexican Oil. Either Mr. Obrador will back down or there'll be a collapse and a coup. either way is fine. IN the mean time a 15'+ wall topped with razor wire seems a prudent investment.

  7. Suprised he didn't quote all the pre-War of the Rebellion Americans about making North America one country!

  8. The Mexican Regime has been using the northern border as a pressure relief valve for decades, to avoid having the peasants go all Vive La Revolution on their asses. Cork up the border, and let the bloodbath that's been so desperately needed in Mexico begin. Only way to end the corruption of the cartels, military and govt. Maybe send SF to train and arm the Campensinos, let them save their own country.

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