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Kevin, writing at The Smallest Minority, puts into words what I’ve been feeling for some time now.

The 2016 election gave me a glimmer of hope, but 2020 ruthlessly stamped out that ember. The Authoritarian Left and its oligarchs in Washington will make sure that their power is never again threatened by the electorate. As someone put it after November 3, 2020, “We knew we had to win by more than the margin of fraud. We just didn’t realize the margin was infinite.”

H.R. 1 legally codifies power grabbing into the future. No more fear of another Bernie or Trump wrecking their plans. The Left controls both houses of Congress, the White House, most of the bureaucracy, and a whole lot of the Justice Department, not to mention the remainder of The Swamp. They can do whatever they want, and they are. Open the border? Done. Raise taxes on the middle cl… I mean, the rich? No problem. Disarm the dangerous “domestic terrorist” publ… I mean, protect the children? On its way!

And anyone who opposes this is a racist and/or a domestic terrorist. A Public Enemy. A Traitor.

I said a while back that I thought all of this insanity had a basis in reality. The Oligarchs aren’t nuts. Well, they may be, but they’re not irrational. They use the irrationality they deliberately created among the general public as a tool, a lever for greater and greater social division so that the chance of any organized opposition of any size is minimized. Why do you think they’re so freaked out about the Capitol riots January 6? Well, they’re not, really. That’s political theater, at which they’re masters. The conditions were set up by them. The Capitol Police were largely stood down and requests for National Guard were refused due to “optics.” Honestly, I think they’re disappointed in the body count. But never mind, it gave them the excuse to clutch their pearls in front of the cameras and claim fear for their lives, and arrest people publicly – the Roger Stone treatment of SWAT teams and armored vehicles, smashed doors and ransacked houses. “This is what happens when you protest wrong.” Turn the thumbscrews one more turn, tighten the ratchet one more click.

In my July 2020 post Endgame I predicted the election outcome. I also wrote:

The wheels come off the train and the train comes off the track in 2021, one way or the other.

The End of America has been predicted by many people for quite some time.  The Progressive Postmodernists appear to have decided that the time is ripe.  The national debt cannot be ignored forever.  The projected entitlement spending is unsupportable.  All their preparation of the battle space through balkanization has brought us to this point.  Black Lives Matter, itself organized and run by self-proclaimed Marxists, is the hinge on which the lid is swinging, but Pandora’s Box is certainly opening.  I don’t think we’re going to stop the greed, envy, hatred, pain, disease, hunger, poverty, war, and death that will come flooding out of it, and there most likely won’t be much around afterward to put them back in.

BLM is no longer the hinge. Post January 6, “Domestic Terrorism” has taken its place. The Anointed have told their followers to Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of their neighbors who are Not Like Them™. But the National Debt currently exceeds 28 trillion dollars. Twenty-eight TRILLION dollars. $28,000,000,000,000. Not quite five times what it was in 2000, and spending hasn’t slowed down a bit. It continues to accelerate.

That which cannot go on, won’t. But the Anointed are getting theirs while the getting is good, and the rest of us are on our own.

How much longer before their gravy train derails? I predicted before the end of 2021, but there’s a lot of ruin in a nation. We may yet hang on a bit, but not forever.

We live in the very best period of history humanity has ever experienced, and we’re about to destroy it nonchalantly, like a child with a Christmas ornament.

There’s more at the link.

I hope and pray that you, dear readers, have been reading, absorbing and thinking about what’s been happening since November last year.  It’s as clear as the nose on your face.  We’re watching – sadly, we’re participating in – the deliberate destruction of the US constitution, and of the nation built on that foundation.  Unfortunately for them, what the radical Left is trying to erect in its place is founded on sand, and its elements are crumbling almost as fast as they can be put into place.  The economy will make sure that they fail.

What’s even worse, other countries are fully aware of what’s happening, and they’re already positioning themselves to take advantage of our weakness.  China is the most obvious example, but they’re far from alone.  The world order is shifting in front of our eyes, because foreign leaders know that the Biden administration is illegitimate and fraudulent, headed by a senile figurehead who probably isn’t capable of tying his own shoes, let alone administering the nation.  That means those leaders will act without waiting for the USA to get involved.  For example, if I were Iran, I’d be worried.  Israel and several of the Arab nations on the Persian Gulf are making common cause to confront its threat, and if another crisis erupts there, I suspect none of them will wait for US leadership or direction, because they no longer trust the USA to support them and/or their interests.  No, I suspect they’ll “go it alone” with a decapitation strike to remove the Iranian threat once and for all, possibly including the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Domestically, we’re in the same boat.  The nation’s political and administrative structures are being weaponized against those the Biden administration and the progressive left perceive as their opponents.  The fact that this is illegal doesn’t bother them worth a damn.  They’re moving as fast as they can to impose their control on every organ of state, national, regional and local.  At present they’re being hindered by conservative states, but if they can overwhelm state independence through making the states dependent on Washington D.C. for funding, they’ll eventually assimilate them too – or so they think.  I can’t see them succeeding everywhere in the short term, but the left-wing administrations in “blue states” are welcoming their new federal overlords with enthusiasm.  That’s understandable – they think they can now drink at the (much larger) Federal trough, instead of their own more limited opportunities for graft and corruption.  They’re probably right.

Folks, we’re watching our national stability crumble before our eyes.  Any major crisis, foreign or domestic, might trigger a serious meltdown – economic and/or political.  I have no doubt whatsoever that one will come along in the not too distant future.  Pay attention to the signs of the times, prepare yourselves as best you can, and stay mentally and spiritually strong (and physically, as far as you can).  In such a meltdown, the weak will go to the wall.  I’ve seen that far too often for comfort, and I expect to see it here before very long.

As our forefathers would have put it . . . keep your powder dry.



  1. You paint a very scary and bleak picture…and unfortunately one htat is shared by many. My children and grandchildren are going to have to shoulder the burden of what we are doing and it saddens me to think they will not know the America tha i knew.

  2. removes the sting of never having kids. no one to fret over their outcome in the dystopian future. short term though, i'm on blood pressure meds that sometimes are in short supply already. i don't mean sorta high bp, i mean i'll stroke out without meds bp. oh well, nobody lives forever. i was hoping to take a few of them with me though.

  3. I expect China to make a move on Taiwan. They've already reneged on the agreement they made with the UK of 50 years to let Hong Kong be self-determining.

    China looks at the US the same way you're saying Israel and the Arab states do. We're ineffective and getting less effective by the day. Are we going to do anything to protect Taiwan? That's their gamble.

    As for the debt, we now have "conservatives" arguing for Modern Monetary Theory. Article at The American Conservative magazine website. I think we can say the country is dead and gone.

    Exactly when and how it gets overthrown or tossed into "the dustbin of history" is purely academic.

  4. " At present they're being hindered by conservative states, but if they can overwhelm state independence through making the states dependent on Washington D.C. for funding, they'll eventually assimilate them too – or so they think."

    One more reason why the flood crossing the southern border is being strategically channeled to states whose demographics and relatively sound government pose an obstacle to Total Transformation. Poor, illiterate people tend to be dependent on the .gov when you dump them in a US city.

  5. The tighter the noose gets as the left continues to strangle the nation with its one party rule the more likely it gets that we will have a revolt either by a group of states or by a portion of the population. The transgressions upon the individual citizens by the deep state left wing cabal are too great and will result in retaliation.

    Used to be the pendulum would swing back and forth in a natural rhythm giving the illusion of an alternating power philosophy in DC but with the Clinton administration onward this pendulum has been swinging mostly to the left. The massive buildup of the bureaucracy whose only goal is to maintain and increase the power of government agencies regardless of the wishes of the people has resulted in a monster devouring our freedoms and in the process the heritage of our nation.

    The goal of the left is not dissimilar to the BORG of Star Trek fame. We, the citizenry, are to be assimilated or we are to die. Non-conformance to edicts of the deep state are not to be tolerated. With the apparent merger of intents of the deep state and the social media/tech giants we will be forced to comply or be totally isolated and ostracized from the community. Inoculation passports are the inverse equivalent of the Jewish Star of David in Germany in the 1930's.

    We have no political option any more as far as pushing back against this force. This leaves few options for us. One, relocate to a nation that is not a tyranny in the final stages of perfection. Two, conform and lose one's identity, freedoms and any connection to the past. Three, fight back and I mean literally to fight with force. This does sound drastic and infers a violent action. Keep in mind the words of Jefferson.

    'From time to time, the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants'.

    We are in the times he was referring to.

  6. Compared to the assets of the US, ~$270T, the US Government debt is mouse nuts. Looking at all government debt and unfunded liabilities the net worth is still ~$125T.

    The debt issue is currently a nonissue.

  7. BladeRunner, who's got the money to buy other than Apple and Google? China already owns a big chunk of our debt and is already a part of many of our organizations. Close to 50% of people depend on the government at one level or another, whether it be as an employee, retiree or beneficiary of various low income programs. It would sell for pennies on the dollar, and inflated dollars at that.

    Blood of tyrants is nice, but too many are civilized and normalcy bias runs deep. My area is conservative and I wouldn't know where to begin. How to resist is a great question.

    If we can't stop the collapse then accelerate it. If you qualify for a benefit the apply. Barter if you can for what you can – build networks.

    Expect when the wheels come off that mobs will become common place. Target discriminations will go out the window. Many innocents will suffer. The left will start eating their own – pay attention to those who know it, the leftists with the doomsday retreats. Those are the people who want the American Experiment to end and end badly. This is why they are trying to accelerate things. They want us to cut our nose to spite our face, to burn America down.

    What rises from the ashes? If we are to be a government of the people and by the people then no more elitism. Farmers and mechanics and plumbers need to serve 1 short term and be done. Maybe we pick people at random. We are to blame, we got on with our lives and ignored the politics, which did not ignore us. We believed that only suspect people would be politicians so we abandoned politics to the same. The American Experiment was to have government mostly leave people alone to show that people could run their own lives. The people who like power hate that and used the fact we were focused on our own lives against us.

    People are sinners and many people have a price, you can't prevent that. The best you can do is mitigate it. Term limits, a campaign allowance (no fund raising), no pay if spending exceeds revenue (no bonds), return to money (not currency), enact the fair tax, No foreign aid and the government is not in the business of helping the poor(Local charities used to handle it and still can). Where public dollars are needed to help is mental welfare. This would require secure boarders, studies show the illegals are a net cost. I realize this makes me polyphobic.

    But its too late, we've become a nation that believes its somebody else's job. I've volunteered to fix things at my daughter's school where they didn't have the budget, but can't use volunteers because insurance.(just raise taxes-need more money for education) So even when you try to volunteer now you can't. The volunteer organizations that are succeeding are bureaucracies in their own right – they have to be.(I belong to 2)

    My daughter has said the older she gets the more stuff she realizes I've said is true. Are the youngest the most indoctrinated – yes. But reality is waking them up.

    We are at the end of a golden time. Enjoy it while you can. Think about what you can do to help the American Phoenix rise from the ashes.

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