The consequences of a stolen election spell imminent danger for America


Anybody with two working brain cells to rub together knows that the November 2020 elections were stolen.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Biden administration is illegitimate, and the Democratic Party’s control over the Senate is illegitimate, as a result of electoral fraud.  The evidence of that is overwhelming.  In fact, it’s confirmed by the machinations of the Democratic Party and progressive political machine to prevent evidence of that fraud from being properly, honestly and effectively tested in court.  Just look at their efforts to stop or impede vote fraud investigations in Georgia, Arizona and elsewhere.  If there was no fire to be investigated, they wouldn’t be so frantically denying the existence of the all too visible smoke.

The trouble is, evil begets evil.  A stolen election has consequences.  Smaller crimes lead to greater crimes.  We’re seeing more and more of those consequences of crime becoming reality before our eyes right now.

  • The Democratic Party is desperately trying to shore up its position while Kamala Harris has a casting vote in the Senate.  Efforts to expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices depend on that – but if President Biden succumbs to his clearly worsening mental deterioration, and she takes over his office, then that casting vote is lost.  At that point, the Democrats can no longer be sure of getting their legislation through the Senate – or, for that matter, getting approval for her successor as Vice-President.  (That’s probably the primary reason why she hasn’t already taken over;  they can’t do without her Senate vote.)  The result is that Congress and the Senate are flamingly dysfunctional, with normal procedures being circumvented whenever possible in an effort to ram through controversial legislation by any means possible.  Can the filibuster survive?  I have my doubts.
  • Biden appointees are trashing and letting down the USA in so many ways it’s impossible to tabulate them all.  To name just the most recent example, look at the disgraceful exhibition by our UN Ambassador on Wednesday, when she alleged that “America’s history of slavery ‘weaved White supremacy into our founding documents and principles’.”  She’s wrong, of course;  her words and her attitude are very clearly the fruit of critical race theory, which is fundamentally Marxist in orientation and bears little or no relation to the facts of history.  When other countries see our ambassador spouting such drivel, what can they feel for us except contempt, for appointing such a lackwit as our national representative?
  • The Biden administration’s approach to matters such as illegal aliens, economic policy, the legal and justice system, etc. is uniformly partisan and divorced from reality.  When ideology is preferred and empowered over reality, anarchy results – and the situation on our southern border exemplifies this.  The chickens of progressive chaos are already coming home to roost.  Why do you think the progressive left is trying so hard to disarm Americans?  It’s because they fear our ability, and our determination, to defend ourselves.  If they weren’t planning to take steps that will require us to defend ourselves, they wouldn’t be so intent on taking away our tools to do so.  Don’t delude yourself about their real intentions.
  • Other powers are moving swiftly to take advantage of President Biden’s weakness, and the preoccupation of his fraudulent administration with strengthening its position in Congress and the Senate.  Russia is openly challenging the West over Ukraine;  China is openly challenging the West over Taiwan, the islands of the South China Sea, and influence in the rest of the world.  I won’t be surprised in the least to see Russia attack Ukraine to take the rest of the territory it wants, and if I lived in Taiwan right now, I’d be doing all in my power to emigrate as fast as possible, to get out from beneath the Red hammer before it comes down.  Iran is effectively daring the Biden administration to stop its nuclear program, and is confident it can ignore US pressure.  Our military capabilities are being steadily undermined by the administration’s politically correct policies, to the point where their ability to deter such aggression is dubious at best.  If I were Russia or China or Iran, I’d move fast, to take every advantage I could while my adversary was distracted, disrupted and dysfunctional.  If you think those nations aren’t planning exactly that, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn, NYC I’d like to sell you.  Cash only, please, and in small bills.
  • The constant diatribe of anti-white propaganda inside the USA is stiffening the resolve of the white community to resist further encroachment.  BLM and Antifa may dominate the liberal, progressive cities in some states:  but it’s very noticeable that they don’t dare try the same tactics in more conservative areas, because they know very well what would happen to them.  Such propaganda and tactics are driving, ever deeper, a wedge between races and communities in our country.  A finer breeding ground for a fourth generation civil war can’t be imagined – and I fear that’s precisely what we’re going to get, sooner rather than later.

We might withstand one of those pressures at a time.  We might even withstand two . . . but can our nation withstand all of them at once?  I doubt it.  That’s too much to handle, even for America.

I fear greatly that our nation is in imminent danger of at least the splintering, if not the complete collapse of our national unity.  If that happens, expect international chaos and anarchy while our stabilizing influence is removed, and our gaze turns inward to deal with our own problems.  Who knows where that could end up?  Who knows how the world will look after a few short years of such destructive free-for-all conflict?

We’re at a very dangerous point indeed.  Nobody knows what the short-term future will bring – but I have no doubt whatsoever that things are about to get worse.  Be on your guard, friends, make what preparations you can, and look for allies and support to help you withstand the enormous pressures that are about to be let loose.  The trouble with tipping points is, very often they tip.  I think this one is about to do so.  I expect serious trouble in a matter of months, and possibly within weeks.

I saw this coming several years ago;  it’s the principle reason I moved to where I live today, west of the Mississippi and away from major cities, which are the flashpoints of conflict in America today.  I note that a lot of people with a sense of the realities of the times are doing likewise.  Good for them.  Those of us in our right minds need to come together for mutual support and protection.

If you’re stuck in a conflict zone, or a city likely to become one, I can only recommend that you prepare as best you can.  This article and this one offer many helpful suggestions.  Prepare today, so you aren’t caught unawares and unprepared tomorrow.



  1. I disagree that "Russia is challenging the west in Ukraine". It seems more like Ukraine is challenging Russia (instigated by US deep state) and Russia is responding with strength.

  2. I agree with Mountain Rat. It's NOT the Russians promising "Unwavering Support" and flying in C-5 Galaxies of Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles and other ammo-munitions to the Ukraine.

    Seems a fair bit of the ex-soviet union ammo is coming from our ISIS stockpiles, mostly artillery shells.

    When the Russians had that vote for the peoples of Crimea THEY INVITED International Observers to make sure the vote was legit. 95% of the population voted to remain Russian. OH and they Had to SHOW Photo ID and WALK in to the Polls on their own so Dead Democratic Voters here.

    It's MUD season in Ukraine right now. When it dries out enough for heavy weapons to move off the pavement the Troubles will begin.

    Crimea is the Russians only Warm Water Port, they will not back down. I note after the Russians told the US NOT to move those two Destroyers into the Crimea area "For their OWN GOOD" THAT "Training Exercise" was canceled.

    In the Spirit of Cui bono "Who Benefits" I suspect the Biden-Harris Regime will OBEY their Chinese Masters as China wants Russia out of the way also.

    We the People are SO SCREWED.

    Are you ready for a One Second After "lights Out" IF the Sock Puppet allows (PUSHES) the Ukrainians to attack the Crimea?

  3. Thoughts on Ukraine: Russia relocates Russians into occupied Crimea, "encourages" Ukrainians to leave, and then holds a vote on whether the "Ukrainian Crimean people" want to leave Ukraine and join Russia. The UN has condemned their actions there.

    Thoughts on Taiwan: Perhaps instead of making plans to emigrate, Taiwanese should be joining the military and preparing the beaches. Isn't that how you keep a country? Yes, it could get bloody, but at what point is your country worth fighting for?

    Agreed in principle that the world is better off with lots of small nations doing their own thing than big empires. That is why the US was such a change from previous empires. We didn't take and hold much outside of CONUS. And yet we are still becoming, perhaps, too big.

  4. I think your idea that Harris cant replace Biden because they lose her Vote ( In case of a tie) is only true in the short term. After becoming President Harris and Congress will appoint a VP. So, there would be a gap but it would not last long. ( Much as Rockefeller was appointed.)

  5. @John Galt: Problem is, the Senate must confirm a new VP. With a 50-50 split in seats, what if the Senate deadlocks and can't confirm one? IMHO, that's one reason why Harris hasn't yet taken over the Presidency.

  6. Everybody's worried whether the state language of California will be Ebonics or Guatemalan Spanish; my suggestion is that they start teaching Putonghua.
    China invade Taiwan? why bother when a bigger prize is available: it'd only take a couple thousand troops to invest San Francisco and L.A.
    Portland and Seattle will welcome them with open arms, Maizie at the head making time with her baton
    The U.S.A. military's not in terrible shape, it's far worse than that under Biden/Harris

  7. Excellent Article Peter, Someone posted the link on….I am thankful. I think I am the only one in my family that sees the future we may be facing. I am 61 years old, and never even noticed politics. I felt that every election was rigged and pre planned. Why bother. I only got into politics in 2016 because of Trump, and I see now that my President Trump only won because the left underestimated just what a huge following he had and didn't have their Fraud Packet big enough to keep him from getting elected. I voted for him because I felt we needed someone strong, someone who spoke the truth and was not afraid to say what he thought. I didn't want some one "Presidential"! I just wanted a man who could make me feel some passion and excitement for him. I was so excited when he won, I never wanted something so badly. He was a great President,…he would have been a fantastic president if they would have stopped trying to destroy him the whole time he was in office and before and after too! I was so sure we would have him for another 4 years, I never dreamed that he would lose! I voted in the 2020 election with faith that the man with the most votes would win. I never dreamed that the Democratic Machine would even destroy the Election. It is so obvious, they haven't tried to hide a thing! They stole the election with all their different kinds of fraud. I am heart broken. As many, many of my other Republican friends are,….that not only did they win by Fraud, but they also turned the Supreme Court against us! How can that even happen? That the evidence is there, plain as day and the Court will not even look at it? I am so disappointed in this Country that I don't even know what to say. I don't see any reason to ever vote again,….the vote will mean nothing, the left will always counter whatever we do with Fraud. They will never lose again, if we even get to vote in the future! I believe that the Covid Pandemic, a scam at best, was only created to finally destroy my President and our country. Just like all the "Race/White Extremists" garbage is,….Divide and Conquer is their plan. I think now the only thing that will save us is a Civil War. But I don't know how to wage Civil War!? We did as you suggested last summer, we moved from NJ to the top of the Mitten in Michigan. We had family in Michigan, so it seemed like the right place to go, we are all living together now in one large ranch house,…dogs, cats and kids…my kids, grandkids and my brother too. We live in a very Republican area in Michigan, and feel relatively safe on our 50 acres. But if we have a WW3, because of Biden and Blinken's antagonizing Russia and China, no place will be safe! How did we get to this place? This terrifying future? How did we not see it coming? And how can we fix it? The last 4 years have been just wonderful. I was so proud of my Country and my President. But now I am embarressed! Even North Korea would rather deal with Trump than the Coward Biden!
    My husband is still working, we are lucky he works from home, so does my son. I am just caring for my home and family. I spend all my free time talking to otherpeople on (had to delete Facebook)to try to open some eyes and to find others like myself that are also very worried. But I don't know what if anything else I can do! I'm in a Wheelchair, so it's not like I can go out and protest, or organize others. We are stock piling some food and supplies,….we are getting ready for the coming energy crisis by buying a huge Wood Stove! We are trying to learn how to survive when things go back to feudalism! These are very scary times, because we can't even count on a new election for fix the problems! What can we as a group of republicans for Trump do next? We put up flags to show our support, but since he didn't claim that the Biden Administration is illegal and we needed an Insurrection,…..we don't really have any options? What do you think we should do?

  8. Michael. Think of Crimea as Russia's Hawaii. Actually, Russia has a better claim.
    How do you say in Russian, "How the west was won?" and "Manifest Destiny"

  9. "Stolen elections have consequences…"

    Yes, pleeeeeeeeeease God, and soon.

    I bet Mortimer Duke $1 I'd run out of targets before I run out of ammo, and I can't wait to settle that bet.

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