The “deafening media silence” about global protests


We’ve mentioned the global protests and uprisings against the “Build Back Better” agenda sponsored by the World Economic Forum and others.  However, there’s been surprisingly little said about them in the mainstream media.  It’s almost as if they don’t exist, as far as most journalists and editors are concerned.

Sky News Australia recently hosted Prof. Ralph Schoellhammer to discuss the issue.  He wrote an article in Newsweek titled “A Popular Uprising Against the Elites Has Gone Global“, and elaborates on it in his discussion with Sky News.  I’ve posted the video below.  It’s about 13½ minutes long:  if that’s too long for easy viewing, you’ll find a highly abbreviated transcript of his main points here, and in his Newsweek article.

The protests are getting worse and worse, all over the globe.  It’s seriously threatening, not just to the social fabric, but to ideological and geopolitical interests – including ours.  For example, do you know how critical the Panama Canal is to US business and commerce (not to mention military and strategic implications)?  Well, the unrest in Panama is getting so bad that it might threaten that country’s stability:  and that would, in turn, threaten the operation of the Canal.

Don’t just look at the surface of such crises.  They usually have much deeper implications.  From that perspective, Prof. Schoellhammer’s views are concerning, to say the least.



  1. The silence will continue until more shelves are empty. Then the MSM will do what it usually does… It'll blame Trump…

    I've been catching glowing reports of gas prices receding. Yeah; I paid $5.49/gal for something I paid $6.20/gal three weeks ago. Never mind I'm paying over $2.00 more per gallon for gas than I did when Brandon took office! Are people that much like goldfish??? And looking right or left of gas prices, anyone with a pulse can see that the cost of everything else has gone through the roof! Two weeks back, I bought a can of coffee. It had gone up in price by $2.00 compared to less than two months previous. I walked by the coffee again this weekend. It had gone up ANOTHER $2.00 since two weeks ago! Never mind the fact that this same can of coffee is now $6.00 more than it was a year ago… Oh, but things are getting SO MUCH BETTER NOW!!!

    I like how the headlines last week talked of a stock market rally due to "better than anticipated retail sales." The only reason I'm buying more right now is because it will cost more… TOMORROW…

  2. Panama is in outright revolt, and the canal can become dangerous without notice. Closing it, by whatever means, increases the costs of shipping to unsustainable levels.

  3. FWIW, Panama announced a restructuring of their canal transit pricing just today. This will include a customer rewards program that benefits the largest users… which is mostly the Chinese. Why would Panama sacrifice to benefit the US? We're intrusive, difficult, prone to destabilize trade agreements based on the political bent of the federal government at a given moment, and what if, God forbid, an activist investor gets into your boardroom? The Chinese are predictable and the money behind the Belt and Road isn't coming from known toxic time bombs like Blackrock.

  4. "The Chinese are predictable and the money behind the Belt and Road isn't coming from known toxic time bombs like Blackrock."

    The Chinese have their own toxic time bombs…

    The Chinese are only in every transaction for themselves, so I guess that's predictable.

    "A growing number of policymakers in low- and middle-income countries are mothballing high profile BRI projects because of overpricing, corruption and debt sustainability concerns," said Brad Parks, one of the study's authors.

    AidData said $11.58 billion in projects in Malaysia have been cancelled over 2013-2021, with nearly $1.5 billion cancelled in Kazakhstan and more than a $1 billion in Bolivia.

    In recent years it has become clear the Chinese people are losing faith in their financial institutions. There’s been anger over harsh COVID lockdowns in Shanghai recently, while the collapse of China Evergrande saw rare public demonstrations as residents faced the prospect of losing their life savings used as deposits for housing.

    “Return our money” the Evergrande protestors chanted at Evergrande headquarters in Shenzhen in 2021.

    The song book is eerily similar at bank branches in a number of China’s rural provinces right now.

    Multiple sources contacted by Asia Markets, have confirmed deposits at the following six banks have been frozen since mid-April.

    Yuzhou Xinminsheng Village Bank (located in Xuchang City, Henan Province)
    Zhecheng Huanghuai Bank (City of Shangqui, Henan Province)
    Shangcai Huimin Rural Bank (Zhumadian City, Henan Province)
    New Oriental Village Bank (City of Kaifeng, Henan Province)
    Huaihe River Village Bank (Bengbu City, Anhui Province)
    Yixian County Village Bank (Huangshan City, Anhui Province)

  5. According to people I know in the Netherlands, the protests there have died down. The blogosphere still talks about the Dutch farmer revolt as if it is ongoing, but it was a brief flurry of activity, not a sustained movement. Part of that was that public support for protesting died when they started interfering with people being able to get to work.

  6. Mike: Part of that was that public support for protesting died when they started interfering with people being able to get to work.

    That's a shame again the part that does not see or hear what's on the horizon till it's way to late.

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