The true state of the electoral map


Do please note that there is, at this time, no “official” winner of the US 2020 Presidential election.  That will happen only when all the electors have voted, and their vote is confirmed.  That’s scheduled to happen on January 6th, 2021, when a joint session of Congress will count the electoral votes and declare the election result.  Prior to that, all state electors must be confirmed by the Governor of their state by December 8th, 2020;  and the electors will vote on December 14th, 2020.

The fact that many mainstream media outlets have chosen to proclaim Joe Biden as the winner of the election is irrelevant.  The news media have no say in the outcome of this election.  It’s a Constitutional matter, and outside their purview.  The same applies to “calling” or “declaring” a state for one or the other candidate.  The news media may have their opinions on the matter, but those opinions are not necessarily factual, and are not legally binding.

There are serious electoral disputes and a number of problems in several states.  I’m obliged to PNN for sharing this electoral map on Gab.  It shows how matters truly stand at present, with details of all the states in dispute.  Click the map for a larger, more readable view.

Counting all the states where electoral fraud appears to have been a major problem, and those where votes are still being disputed, and those where votes are still being counted, it appears that 98 electoral college votes are still outstanding and/or being legally challenged.  President Trump currently has 232 electoral college votes, and needs 38 more to reach 270, the minimum number needed to win the election.  Joe Biden has 226 electoral college votes, and needs 44 more to win.

I think legal challenges are going to rumble on right up to the “safe harbor” deadline of December 8th, and probably beyond it.  We’re not going to see any quick solution to this mess.

I repeat what I said on Saturday morningeither these electoral disputes must be resolved in the courts, and/or the legislatures of the states involved must appoint the slate of electors for their state, as is specifically provided for in the Constitution.  We dare not allow electors who have been appointed through electoral fraud, to decide the future President of the United States.  That would destroy our democracy and fatally undermine our Constitution.

As The Federalist puts it:

Nothing has changed since America went to bed Friday evening. There is a fight coming: After over a century of rule, the corruption of the big city Democratic machines will finally be examined in court. Every day, the media is going to call you crazy for demanding it.

Buckle up.

True dat.



  1. The only salvation I can see possible for the United States is an article V constitutional convention that deletes the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments, deletes the general welfare clause, and reinforces and clarifies the second amendment as an individual right not subject to federal, state, or local legislation, and imposes term limits.

    All existing legislation then needs to be court tested against the new constitution.

    Furthermore – all legislation shall be life limited and shall contain nullification clauses if it does not do whatever it was supposed to do based on measurable results. Did welfare cure poverty?

    We might even consider a non-linear scale for the electoral college to decrease the power of overpopulated states.

    This election has destroyed all faith in the current system regardless of the outcome.

    You can't un-ring a bell.

  2. A Convention wouldn't solve anything, it would just open up a bigger can of worms.

    One disasterpiece at a time, please.

    The open question remains whether the courts wish to proclaim justice, or merely rubberstamp corruption.

    Their track record to date is hardly anything to write home about, but every day, the drumbeat gets louder to overturn the sham vote counts, and the evidence accrues principal plus interest.

    It's not beyond hope, but the republic is on life support at the moment.

  3. Agree a convention is problematic at best. Just pointing out it's the ultimate back up plan. I don't mind throwing an idea out there for people to disagree with if it starts a conversation. That's one difference between me and THEM.

  4. What strikes me through all of the outrage is that we’re seeing exactly the same scenario as 2016 except the sides are reversed. In 2016 the left screamed and yelled, advocated subverting the Electoral College, ranted about popular vote, etc. Today the right is screaming and yelling but about their version of outrage, voter fraud. If Trump had won today there would be constant yelling and screaming about “voter suppression”. In each case the party pushes their version of the other side’s perceived wrongs.

    The vote this election is actually very close to the vote in 2016. A few states switched a few votes (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania). A couple have a larger swing (Georgia, Arizona). A small change in either election would have changed the result.

    Claims that the country is doomed, that Biden will reveal himself as (or be manipulated into being) an ultra leftist, destroy the nation, and lock up all Trump supporters have about as much chance of happening as the chance that Donald Trump was going to be a fascist dictator, Barack Obama was going to turn the country communist or Muslim, or George W Bush was going to do whatever the left was screaming about at the time. Unfortunately, with each new election the two sides are becoming more and more strident in their unwillingness to acknowledge the other side’s right to an opinion. And each side at the same time says “we’re tolerant but they aren’t”.

    Maybe it’s time for activists to grow up.

  5. I don’t believe it is 270 to win, just a majority of the electors. If those states in doubt fail to send electors, Trump wins.

  6. @thomas w
    In 2016 the left went nuts because they believed the flawed polls that proclaimed Hillary to be a 99.9% shoo-in. Nothing ever came of their desperate search for foreign meddling or fraud because it was an honest election.
    There are too many red flags on this election for it to be honest. Trump poised to run away with it election night, until counting in key states was suspended (yawn, we're so sleepy!), only for hundreds of thousands of biden votes to mysteriously appear overnight. Slow counting in battleground states to allow time for biden ballots to be manufactured. Hundreds of thousands of biden only votes with no downballot activity (only in battleground states, nowhere else), statistically impossible voter turnouts (only in battleground states), voting machines awarding thousands of trump ballots to biden (only in battleground states), GOP observers thrown out of counting centers (only in battleground states), biden severely underperforming vs hillary in nyc, chicago, etc but mysteriously getting 90%+ turnout in urban areas in battleground states, presidency won without ohio and florida for the first time in 80 years, bellweather counties getting the election completely wrong, mysterious deliveries to closed counting centers in the middle of the night, vote counters wearing biden gear, postal service backdating late ballots to make them eligible…
    If your response to all that is "grow up", then you're either an idiot or a traitor.
    I'm not worried about biden putting trump supporters in a camp. I'm worried about biden illegally making citizens of millions of illegal immigrants and securing a permanent democratic stranglehold on federal politics, and then handing that machine over to crazy socialist true believers like AOC who *will* put us in camps. They're already making lists – read their twitters.
    If biden won the election fair and square, I don't like it but I can live with it. If we let them steal this election, the united states of america is over.

  7. @Aesop: "The open question remains whether the courts wish to proclaim justice, or merely rubberstamp corruption."

    Large wager on "rubberstamp corruption," please.

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