Useful post-election security advice from Greg Ellifritz

We’ve mentioned Greg Ellifritz several times in these pages.  He’s produced a couple of very useful articles about how to prepare for and/or react to possible violence following the imminent mid-term elections.  Given the social turmoil in these dis-United States right now, this may be prescient.

He has two articles focusing specifically on that issue, and a third on a possible rioter’s weapon.

They’re very informative and practical.  I learned and re-learned several important lessons while reading them.  For example:  “Tear gas will destroy your soft contacts…trust me.  You will never want to put them back in again if you get exposed.  If you need your lenses to see, carry a spare pair.”  I don’t wear contact lenses, so I’d never considered this.  If you, or your loved ones, use them, you should heed Greg’s advice.  For those relying on spectacles (or eyeglasses that are endangered by being too close to the spectacle!), it might be worth considering keeping a spare set on hand.  That includes reading glasses, if you need them.

All three articles are worthwhile and recommended reading, particularly for those living in or near areas where urban unrest may be expected if the election results are not to the liking of the angry classes.  (Berkeley, CA;  Portland, OR;  I’m looking at you!)



  1. We tried the "run away" strategy in Iraq. All it does it get more of your own guys killed in the long run, and destroys morale.

    Kill as many of the attackers as you can before they take you down. If you don't, they'll just do it again to somebody else tomorrow. Maybe your wife and kids.

    This is war. You have to use military math and logic, not the civil version. We outnumber them. Even at a one-to-one exchange rate, we still win in the long run. And do you really want to surrender the streets to these people?

  2. @McChuck: Great advice if you're single and on your own. Lousy advice if you're with your wife and kids. Get them out of the way at all costs, and yourself as well, because they'll be in a pretty pickle if they survive but you don't. We're not talking Rambo here – we're talking private citizens without the support, legal cover and reinforcements available from law enforcement or military organizations. Discretion is emphatically the better part of valor, unless you have no other choice.

    YMMV, of course.

  3. One thing he doesn't mention about a flashlight is a small bright one can be a good tool to distract attackers and let you escape, especially in a dark area – just think of it as your own personal mini flash bang device!

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