Wholesale corruption in action?

Readers will remember the recent fuss when the Obama administration proposed to award a $50 million contract to ‘Baptist Child and Family Services’, or BCFS, to run a resort to house illegal alien children.  The uproar caused by the news was so great that the plan was abandoned.

Keen-eyed investigators have been looking into BCFS since that news broke.  What they’re finding is, to say the least, disturbing – not to mention outrageous!  See this exposé at The Last Refuge for some mind-boggling facts and figures.  As the report also points out:

It is important to remember this information is only for one of the “faith-based organizations” you have heard about recently.   There are many others who are in the same operational business model as Baptist Child and Family Services.

. . .

Federal Charity courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayer.  Is it really “charity” when the federal government is using the IRS to collect the “offering”?

There’s more at the link.

So hundreds of millions of Federal taxpayer dollars are being spent through organizations like BCFS and other so-called ‘faith-based’ charities, with (as far as I’m aware) little or no accountability and few restrictions on how, where and when the money can be spent.

Can anyone spell ACORN?  Redux?

I thought you could . . .


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  1. Other articles I've read have made the connection more emphatically, ie, that BCFS is merely ACORN reconstituted – same faces involved, just a different 'corporate' name

    Semper Fi'

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