Declaring war on America as we know it


It’s clear that’s the reason behind the Biden administration’s deliberate destruction of border security and active encouragement of illegal alien migration.  There can be no other explanation.  Tucker Carlson lays it out.

But the truth is, nothing like this has ever happened in the United States, and it’s important for two reasons: The first is the rule of law. Remember that? So there are people right now still being held in solitary confinement because they trespassed in a building that technically they own — it’s called the Capitol of the United States — and they’re still there. They’re still in jail. But millions of foreign nationals just walk in ignoring our laws completely, and that’s totally cool because equity or something?

How can anybody respect the laws of the United States when they are being ignored by the people in charge of enforcing them? There’s a massive cost to that. 

And here’s the second point to make: You cannot overstate the scale of demographic change underway right now in the United States. It’s a direct assault on our democracy. Democracy is the process by which the population elects its representatives. If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who already live there. This is an assault on democracy. 

At what scale? Here’s an example: Customs and Border Protection caught more than 170,000 foreign nationals crossing into our country from Mexico last month. How many people is that? Well, that’s the equivalent of the entire population of Knoxville, Tennessee, in a single month. That’s a record. 

But it’s happening every month, month after month under Joe Biden. And those are just the people we’re catching. So this, and let’s not lie about it, is the Democratic Party’s reelection plan. New York is already allowing non-citizens to vote. Expect that trend to spread, because equity. 

It has nothing to do with equity or race. It’s about politics. It’s the whole point of this. Now, in the end, a lot of these people may turn out to have political views the Democratic Party does not expect whatsoever, particularly the Latino immigrants. But purely as an economic matter, this is a disaster. No wise person would do this. 

This country is getting poorer, in part because of inflation. No one wants to face that truth, but it is true. Is this really the time to import millions of low-skilled laborers? Probably not. What are all these people going to be doing for work in 10 years? That’s a real question.

There’s more at the link.

If the flood of illegal aliens were simply dispersing around the country on their own, that would at least allow us to hunt them down and expel them at some future date.  However, the Biden administration is doing all it can to funnel them through the legal immigration system, scheduling them for appointments before immigration judges who are not elected, but appointed as bureaucrats within the system.  The administration can select anyone it wishes as an immigration judge – and you can bet those it selects are going to implement its policies faithfully.  That means these immigrants may be officially granted permission to stay, and in due course become eligible for green cards.  From there, it’s a short step to citizenship and full voting rights, plus the right to (legally) bring in any members of their extended families who want to follow them.

This is a deliberate effort to swamp American conservative and centrist voters with new arrivals who’ll vote the way the Democratic Party wants.  It’s nothing more or less than the dismantling of the American electorate – and that means the dismantling of our Republic in its present form.  The constitution is being trodden underfoot, not through being repealed, but through being ignored.

The Biden administration has effectively declared war on the American republic and everything for which it stands.

The illegal alien swarm currently crossing our borders is nothing more or less than a hostile invasion.  We need to treat it as such – and we need to do our best, as Americans, to ensure that those who enter our land in this way are shut out of jobs, welfare programs and systems, and the other things to which they have no right at all.

Yes, I say that as an immigrant myself.  I did it legally, acquiring a work visa, entering the country, in due course applying for a permanent residence permit, and (after jumping through many bureaucratic hoops) becoming a citizen.  I’m proud to be an American, and to follow in the footsteps of the many proud Americans before me.  Why would I, having followed all the legal procedures and paid out of my own pocket for the many costs involved, want my taxes to subsidize those who spit on those legal procedures and disdain our laws?



  1. PRO TIP… For your construction projects… Utilize the cheap labor poring across the boarder to offset the skyrocketing price of lumber for your gallows building projects. You are building gallows, right?

  2. A side note. Even If all the illegal aliens voted along conservative lines, America simply doesn't have the jobs to make paychecks for an exploding population. A lifeboat can only carry so many people. It's odd to me that the same people who scream about overpopulation believe America can't be overpopulated.

  3. with the exception of the Cubans, the Latin American migrants will vote exactly the way La Raza tells them to – Socialist

  4. I'll be the turd in the punchbowl for sure with my opinion, but here it is.

    This is our fault, not just that of the left or Biden.

    My wife was an illegal when we met. Her brother, sister-in-law and their 2 kids were too.

    Now, my wife is about as conservative and proud to be American as can be, which came about of course with my assistance after a couple of years of paperpushing. Her parasite brother and his family are communists, like most South Americans. Not the people we want, but this dovetails into my real point: they're here because of us.

    No immigrants take jobs from citizens. By being illegals, they can't create jobs, just fill them.
    I got a good inside look at Illegal alien life while we were going through the naturalization process.
    Every time you eat at a restaurant, use a landscaper, construction company, roofer, concrete company, dry cleaner, carpenter, framer, auto mechanic, etc… you risk paying a citizen who employs illegal labor. Your nanny or house cleaner? They're probably not holding a green card. You might be employing an illegal directly.
    All the Brazilian immigrants I knew from my wife's church, 70 or so, say, plus kids, 100% of them were employed and paid by citizens.
    It's folks like us, who say "Well, it's just me and just one person and he/she is so nice and such a hard worker…no big deal."
    It becomes a big deal when half of all citizens knowingly employ illegal aliens, or willfully attempt at ignorance by turning a blind eye to the six 5-foot tall fat brown guys you see and hear speaking spanish in the kitchen when your waitress passes through the swinging door. The busboy? Ever notice that he doesn't make eye contact, just quietly and efficiently glides by, almost invisible? He does that for a reason.

    I blame our leadership, of course. I blame the current fed admin no more or less than I do the people who fail to enforce our laws. Most of all, I blame us. The jobs illegals do don't exist when we refuse to spend money on them. Dry up the labor, the laborers go home.

    The day my wife got her green card, I'll never forget it. We drove to Boston, about 45 minutes away, and on the way back, there was heavy traffic leaving the city. A state trooper was standing outside his cruiser, watching people maneuver around to go by a construction zone. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched my wife slump down lower and lower in the seat, trying to casually get out of sight. I said "You don't need to do that, honey." She looks at me, deadpan, then a little smile, then a big smile, then starts crying, just really bawling her eyes out.
    I don't wish the anxiety that being illegal comes with on anyone. It's brutal. It's the very height of cruelty to entice illegals here with a wink and then make them live in fear to save a couple of bucks with the IRS. They are our servants, our serf class. The fact that they choose to be here is no more germane to the immorality of welcoming them while persecuting them out of the same mouth.
    We need a mirror if we want to look at who's to blame.

    We need to start by laying waste to the employers of illegals, not kicking the poor little bastards who see the hypocritcal way we lure them in and then punish them to keep them our serfs.

    1. Blah blah blah special pleading blah blah blah muh poor innocent illegals. Don't care. TL;DR gamma sperging. I agree that we shouldn't kick them. Instead, we should kick them OUT.

      Deport them all with a trebuchet. Use the Army to defend the border with tanks, A10s, machine guns, and live ammo. Use politicians to water the tree or decorate the branches. End birth-citizenship on the grounds that the 14th was never ratified.

    2. "We need to start by laying waste to the employers of illegals, not kicking the poor little bastards who see the hypocritcal way we lure them in and then punish them to keep them our serfs. " we need to do both, and and do real harm the groups that facilitate the invasion no matter whatever feel-good bullshit reasons they hide behind

    3. @Mussorgsky: that's a very special blend of vicious and stupid you have going on there, especially considering that I guarantee that if you'd been born south of the border you'd be coming here by hook or by crook.

    4. Been there, done that. I've spent time in several third-world countries doing what I could to help them. We can help improve their lot in their own lands better than bringing them here. But not everyone can be helped. You can't fix all the homeless and the addicts but you can help some. That doesn't mean giving an addict money and merely suggesting that booze and drugs are bad.
      If you were poor, you'd try to rape/murder/steal too! Riiight. Let's just hand-wave away an invasion because muh poor chillens. Most rapefugees are fighting-age men. The propaganda machine will do its damnedest to show you otherwise.
      And an illegal never took a job from an American? Hogwash. It happens all the time. Even worse are all of the "poo goes in the loo" imports on special visas because tech companies don't want to pay good wages to Americans and would rather import people who barely speak English and think that covering oneself I cow dung can heal any ailment.

  5. Hey Peter;

    A couple of thoughts it is called "The Great Replacements" Our Betters want to replace the grumpy native population with a malleable population that "knows their place" in the great scheme of things and will do what they are told and not rock the boat, unlike the local denizens who will tell our betters to "pound sand".
    Also Xiden funnels the illegals into mostly red states to change the voting demographics and to run up their covid numbers at the same time. It is a win,win for the donks.

  6. Nah, this isn't declaring war on the America that was. This is importing the killers to finish off the unerwunscht who refused to get with the program.

  7. a comment concerning the like to Tucker Carlson in this post. All I get clicking on the link is 'access denied' and that is both links. I tried to get the same story at Fox news with no luck.
    Just wanted you to know. I have tried the last two days and no luck. It seems the gate keepers are deeply commited to keep the Carlson story shadow banned.

    If there is another way there let me know. Like most stories like this, if I can get to it, I will save it my backups. Anyone can reply, not just Peter.

    By the way Peter, finished the latest Ames book. Very Good. Tell your talented Wife to throw out something new. I've read her offerings and have been impressed. I have read Going Balistic three times now and the offshoots twice.

  8. First thing to do is stop avoiding history.

    Worse thinking you can vote your way out. Even if the votes were counted fairly, only living US citizens voted and neither are true, team cheap labor and team Leftist will swamp America with foreigners to spite White Americans and friends.

    After that, learn to want the power to change things to the way you and yours want them.

    After that? Game on.

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